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pyr0b0y 09-11-2012 01:27 AM

DIY Replacing Fuel Lines and Fittings
I recently replaced my fuel hoses and fittings for a cleaner look in the engine bay. I have an aftermarket fuel system (Aeromotive Stealth Eliminator with return), but the steps are the same.

This is what my fuel lines looked like before I started this project

I started by removing the hose fittings with a cresent wrench

Next was measuring the hose from the front fuel rails to the tee adapter, next to the fuse box, then measuring hose from the rear of the rails to the Aeromotive regulator

Once I figured out how much hose I needed, I marked it with a piece of tape. I put it in the vice to get ready to cut it.

To cut the hose, I decided to use a saw, but you can also use a dremel or hose cutter (you can pick one up in the irrigation aisle at Home Depot)

Keeping the tape on the hose produces a nice clean cut.

The next step is to grab one of your hose fittings and take it apart. You will want to unscrew the hose end to thread the hose into. I chose to get my fittings from Russel Performance and chose the Black Anodized finish.

You need to put the hose end into the vice, but be sure to protect it with a shop towel so you don't scratch the anodized finish.

Start by feeding the hose into the fitting COUNTER CLOCKWISE. You can thread this by hand

Next you'll want to reattach the other end of the hose fitting back on. For this, I used two wrenches with taped edges (to protect from scratches) and twisted the two fittings tight.

Attach the female end into male end on the regulator or tee adapter. Remeasure, and cut the hose to the appropriate length and attach a hose fitting to the other side.

Once both hose ends are attached, tighten up the fittings to the male AN adapters!




For this project, I used
-8 AN Braided Hose
-8 AN 90* Hose Ends (Black Anodized from Russel Performance)

Hope you guys enjoyed the writeup! Feel free to ask any questions!

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