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Mr. Wyndham 01-15-2008 09:47 PM

Iran....and F-bodies?!?!
Check this out:


While checking out Bahman's flawless '76 Camaro, I noticed this weird demographic anomaly: for some reason, 2nd-gen Firebirds and Camaros are disproportionately represented among Iran's top rides. In fact, these 70's muscle cars occupy the top three spots, and there are five Camaros and three Firebirds (along with a Valiant, a Ford Granada, and even a Cadillac) in Iran's top 20. While I realize that the idea of there being even any GM muscle in Iran might strike some as a little odd, the fact that Camaros and Firebirds seem to enjoy a solid following there is nothing short of awesome. Turns out there's a pretty considerable car-culture in Iran, and a lot of it centers around barely-vintage American rides. Check out Iran Trans Am, a Persian Trans Am site run by CarDomain member kamran! I say, build these guys a NASCAR track—there's hope for world peace after all.
It's not a very intricate fact it barely tells you anything, but it's kinda neat to think about....:rolleyes:

Sick 01-16-2008 01:00 PM

Build a NASCAR track - lawl...

DGthe3 01-16-2008 01:11 PM

Thats pretty cool to hear. I imagine they don't worry about gas like we do in North America. I have heard before that there is a sizable car culture in the middle east where they are pretty open to any performance cars, be it European, Japanese, or American. They're all imports so they don't have a 'domestic' bias. Its kinda neat

One other thing, combining Nascar and Iran just sounds like a bad idea. I love Nascar, but there are a good number of fans that have a strong dislike for anything non-American, be it a driver, a track, or a car manufacturer.

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