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MerlinZero 06-21-2009 09:30 PM

Spotted in Washington
Ok as the post states. If you see a fellow 5th gen on the road... or anyone else that you can spot... give'em a shout out.

As we start. Saw a V6 black on black.. .what looked like a mom and daughter going NB on 167 Friday morning in carpool.... looked soooo good.

Iroczlover 06-22-2009 12:14 AM

saw a yellow with black strips saturday afternoon, going south bound on 167 about 2:45 or so ( I didnt see it Zhawk did) did see a few in the shipping yards though next to the freeway lol.

GrnMchin 06-27-2009 05:26 PM

Went to Oregon to pick up ground effects today and spotted 2! First time we have seen any on the road. 1st was Northbound I-5 around Chehalis, red V6 WA plates. 2nd was southbound on I-5 around the same area Silver V6 OR plates. Pretty cool to see 2 after never seeing one driving at all!

jakemaxx 06-27-2009 05:32 PM

ive never seen one on the road

Iroczlover 06-27-2009 05:38 PM

I saw one today at a SHOW lol, little old show in Yelm today had one & it was in my class ( I took the 71 Camaro) I took 2nd place in Pony car & a newer mustang vert took 1st place.

bandoon122 07-01-2009 02:03 AM

spotted a red v6 one on I-5 last week near the lacey wal-mart exit

Iroczlover 07-02-2009 12:14 AM


Originally Posted by bandoon122 (Post 637457)
spotted a red v6 one on I-5 last week near the lacey wal-mart exit

Yikes someone else from this small Piss ant town lol.

bandoon122 07-02-2009 10:08 PM

yea no shit lol

Iroczlover 07-02-2009 10:52 PM


Originally Posted by bandoon122 (Post 644341)
yea no shit lol

yea ya most likely see me driving around one of the 2 corvettes or my husbands 71 Camaro.

Iroczlover 07-05-2009 03:05 AM

Saw a yellow one today (well yesterday on the 4th) it was in someones drive way........................................ Oh wait that was TLCAMARO's Yellow SS lol. it was covered up then he uncovered it just as we were leaving lol.

bandoon122 07-06-2009 09:39 PM

thrers a red one at a rental car place in olyimpia

bandoon122 07-15-2009 11:29 PM

silver looked like an ss near the mall in olyimpia

voltage1 07-20-2009 12:07 PM

I've been driving mine around all week, drove through Yelm on Saturday with my daughter. She got a kick out of how much attention the car drew, lots of thumbs up. I got challenged at the Roy Y by a dude older than me in a yellow Charger with a hemi and 3 kids in the back, quite amusing, I turned off the traction control and smoked right by him. Again, this car is bad a** !

bandoon122 07-20-2009 09:34 PM

lmao nice yea it cost $168 a day to rent one

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