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HubStep 04-21-2013 02:54 PM

Made this Guide for car lighting laws in GA, might come in handy

Let me know what you think, I believe I covered everything.

2012-1822 05-04-2013 06:54 PM

You're funny. In my opinion, it has been my experience that cops generally have no ***** idea what the law is, and I have friends who are cops. And that is a generalization, I admit it. But a friend of mine in particular, who is a cop, made the statement that if you want to know the law, don't ask an attorney, ask a cop. Ok, well if you want to know certain points of the law you would find the expert in that field. Taxes for instance, a CPA or tax attorney. But mostly the cop friend of mine was talking about criminal law and what not.

However, when I said something about tinting my windows, he made the statement that my factory tint was already illegal, excuse me. Anyway, obviously tint laws vary from state to state, but I looked up Alabama, confirmed with an attorney, went and go my windows tinted. The law here is pretty clear on that.

I hypothesize this, and in no way am I bashing LEO's here, but that at some point a supervisor or Captain or Lieutenant says something, like all tint is illegal. And then it gets passed down through the ranks, why would they need to look it up if the supervisor said it. So then they write a ticket for it. Ok, so there definitely is a lot of illegal tint in my area, no shop that I am aware of has a problem doing what you want because it's on you if you get a ticket. But for those that even have legal tint, I would just guess that the average person with tint has less money and less ability to afford a lawyer than the average person who does not. Always some exceptions, I have tint. But even if that is not true, it's usually a fix it ticket right. So a guy with legal tint that doesn't know for sure that he has legal tint, not having done the research that I have, gets a ticket and either takes his tint off or pays the fine and then tells everyone that tine is illegal. And it goes on.

Not to mention that ticket can't be that much where I am at, and like it said I think it's usually fix it ticket, so why would someone who is not sure hire an attorney for $1000.

I chose tint, but I've heard a lot of LEO's make some dumbass statements about a lot of things. Let's face the truth, most patrol officers don't have college degrees and a lot of them lack a ton of experience. I mean you take a guy who got out of the military, and even if he was an MP, he may be an expert in that field, but he's still a rookie cop. So give him 10 yrs and, or less really, and he is an expert in law enforcement. It's no different than any other profession. I'm in college, as a 35 yr old, and when I graduate I will take a job at which I am not an expert, unless I go back to my former profession, which I won't. Anyway, it'll take a few years before I can be considered an expert even with a college degree.

CookieCk 05-18-2013 07:05 AM


Originally Posted by HubStep (Post 6450917)

Let me know what you think, I believe I covered everything.

Well, one other issue I've noticed with Georgia's light laws, under the section about blue lights it states that any device CAPABLE of producing blue light is illegal. So regardless of what color you use, any RGB light is technically illegal. Which is kinda stupid if you ask me. If you don't use the blue then why should it be illegal to have that option? (of course, I still use my RGB lights and have only had one cop tell me my lights were illegal simple for being able to change colors)

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