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jssimmons 05-21-2013 05:21 PM

Avoid SMS Supercars (Saleen)
This is a warning to anyone considering purchasing anything from SMS Supercars also known as Saleen. I wanted the SMS hood with the butterfly ports for my 2011 2SS/RS Camaro. I ordered and paid for the hood in February and was told it would be delivered in two weeks. After three I began calling a speaking with Natasha Bijelic. Time and time again she promised the hood would be delivered in a week. I went as far as trying to contact Molly Saleen and left her several messages that were never returned. Finally in April the hood arrived but it was damaged, so I sent it back. At that point I began talking with Adam Torres and he was the only one that followed up with returning phone calls. Within three weeks he had another hood delivered and it looked undamaged when it arrived. I took it to my paint and body guy and he began to prep it for paint and the hood which is made of two parts separated and he had to epoxy the pieces together. He also noticed there was no latch on the hood and not one in the box. I called and miraculously got Natasha on the phone and she transferred me to the tech guy, Bill Vaughn. He told me to take the latch off the stock hood and use it. Not believing what I was hearing, I reminded him the stock latch was riveted in and was not supposed to be removed and used on another hood. I mean this is their tech guy. So with no latch and not help I have been trying to get my money back and return the hood with no success. I call day time after time and day after day but get sent to voice mails. I leave messages that are never returned. I am now seeking legal options because 2000 dollars may not mean much to SMS Supercars but it is to me. One other thing that will leave you scratching your head, there were no instructions included in the box on how to install the cable system for the butterfly ports. When I called and actually got some help on this issue I was told they did not have the instructions for the Camaro, however they had them for the SMS Challenger and they would send those they were similar. Again, this is SALEEN...a huge name in the car industry. I LEAVE THIS WARNING --- DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH SMS SUPERCARS. Do what I should have done and check their Better Business Bureau record. If I had done that prior I would have never ordered this hood. I hope this helps anyone considering buying anything from this company. :frusty:

jssimmons 05-28-2013 07:04 PM

:mad0260:I continue to try day after day to get some resolution to this hood issue. Molly Saleen, yes SALEEN, promised to help us, but yet again its just another stall tactic. She told us she could not authorize a refund and that we would have to speak to Bill Vaughn who I have tried time and time again to contact but he is never at work. I am told he will return tomorrow only to be disappointed each time. Today we were told again that Bill and only Bill can authorize a refund, however they said he would not be back until next week. I wonder if he even exists at this point. I am just dumbfounded that Molly Saleen, same last name as the company, cannot make a decision and make this right. I am praying that since my efforts have fallen way short or getting and relief that the Better Business Bureau or the attorney we have consulted can pressure SALEEN AUTOMOTIVE, MOLLY SALEEN, NATASHA BIJELEK, AND THE ELUSIVE BILL VAUGHN to do what is right and refund our money for the inferior product they are peddling.

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