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WarWolfX0 08-01-2013 01:19 PM

suspension upgrade?
well i wanted to upgrade to the 1LE but didn't have the money
but now i found out that i could get the "1LE track package" for my 2010 SS
since i was thinking about it i though i would ask to see if there are any better alternatives to the "1LE track package"
I read that pedders was good
i also saw some version that what looked like it was adjustable camber
i am looking to start doing some road course a few times a year. Along with some drag racing. I don't want a setup that will eat my tires and i do drive in the winter (Chicago, with winter tires) so something that i could flip on/off would be nice.

There is also the warranty that i wouldn't mind keeping but not important. I also was thinking about installing everything myself (maybe not the 1LE package).

with the possible discounts on the 1LE at Camaro5 fest i might get it.
I will be leaving Friday after work for Camaro5fest for sat events. (4hr drive)

Mikamaro 08-01-2013 02:49 PM

Start there, I'd wish I could of got that deal from Gm performance directly!
But it's too late for me now.

Have a great Camaro5 Fest.
Let me know how much is the 1LE track pack promo. & the parts included

JDP Sales 08-02-2013 05:24 PM

The 1LE parts are great, but can still be improved upon with aftermarket. A simple set of sway bars with the FE4 style upgrade will make a dramatic difference alone. And then if you want to upgrade from there you can do it piece by piece. We offer suspensions parts from just about all the leading manufacturers out there (Pfadt, Pedders, BMR, Hotchkis) so feel free to call, PM or email me anytime with questions or pricing.

Best regards,


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