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Michael R. 08-27-2013 12:50 PM

Maybe the biggest Camaro meeting outside the US ... Germany, last weekend:confused0068:

Around 150 5th generation Camaros were displayed in a wonderful event and nice cruises in the area. Among others great modded cars including a true Nürburgring-Racing Camaro:bow:

Everything was organized by the great creators and members of the Forum:thumbup::thumbup:

Hopefully you enjoy the pictures from the newspaper article: Team von Opel Fahr mit den beiden Geschäftsführern Jürgen Schneider (re.) und Rainer Schwab (Mitte)
Opel Fahr-Geschäftsführer Schwab (li.) im Gespräch...

Eine schönes Motiv für das Brautpaar.

More are available in the German forum for those who are interested.

Cheers from Germany:wave:


Princess1 08-27-2013 12:59 PM

Very cool and thanks for the access to the pictures!

JR 1 08-27-2013 01:06 PM

Very nice!! :thumbup:

It's cool to see all the Camaros with all the beautiful old buildings in the background. :coolpics:

Michael R. 08-27-2013 01:07 PM

Thank's! Not my photos though; they were taken by the local press. Mine are posted in the German forum.



PalmerGA 08-27-2013 01:11 PM

Very cool! Did they make a run through the Fulda Gap? The roads in that area are so awesome for cruising.

vroomapunk 08-27-2013 01:16 PM

So freakin cool!

fbodfather 08-27-2013 01:40 PM

I think I can speak for everyone at "Team Camaro" when I say how happy this makes all of us!

Thank you for your passion for all things Camaro!

OnkelMatze 08-27-2013 01:49 PM

here are some pictures of our event:

tramtwo 08-27-2013 01:52 PM


Goo 08-27-2013 01:54 PM

Wish I were there.

CamaroLB 08-27-2013 01:57 PM


Jose 08-27-2013 02:54 PM

I went in their forum and all I could read was:JNFTREGIKMN KJ HFDCREROOPPv HFEWSOPVOMY anyway, nice Camaros and pictures!!!

2010 SSRS 08-27-2013 02:59 PM

All Camaros :bow:, now that's my favorite kind of car meet :chevy:

OnkelMatze 08-27-2013 03:00 PM

you can´t see any pictures in our german forum as a guest

but there will be posted some more pics during the next days here in this thread

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