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Supermans 07-20-2009 05:53 PM

Supermans IOM 1SS Camaro
Hello Folks,

I finally got to drive home this beauty. First and foremost, I want to give thanks to Eric Hall at Classic Chevrolet for being such a great salesman. He definitely did a great job and I will recommend him everyday if you need a car..

I picked up the car in Tampa at Stingray Chevrolet and drove it to Orlando on its first roadtrip before driving down to Miami. The car had 5 miles on it and did not have a scratch on it. I checked the nuts and bolts in the trunk and pretty much looked over alignment issues in the interior and found none. The car drives great and is as powerful as I imagined it. The growl from the motor when you step on the gas is very nice. The feel of the stick shift vibrating with power is what makes the V8 LS3 so special in my opinion.. I followed Fbodfather Scott's advice and did not drop the clutch at 6,000 RPMS nor did I go over 4,000 rpms yet.. I have to tell all of you that IOM is a great color. Literally everyone I see compliments me on the color at many stoplights. Like everyone else on this forum is experiencing, lots of people are rolling down the windows and yelling out nice car. Children go nuts when they see it.. Driving around my best friends nieghborhood a whole bunch of kids were playing on the street and yelled out "I"m Totally in Love with your Car".. It is as close to being a rock star as I'll ever get not that I crave the attention. I have more pics that I am in however they are in my wifes camera and she took it to work.. These pics were taken after the first drive to my best friends house. Enjoy the first pics of many..

BackinBlackSS/RS 07-20-2009 05:56 PM

Congrats!!!! :thumbup::w00t:

Coe's_Mro 07-20-2009 05:57 PM

Congrats! beautiful car. :chevy:

Boogie832 07-20-2009 06:07 PM

Congratulations!!!! NOW, Drive, drive, drive................:):happyanim:

ljustin293 07-20-2009 06:09 PM

looks great!! congrats and enjoy your new Camaro!! :wave:

SS-Eric 07-21-2009 01:45 PM

Congrats on finally taking delivery!!! The Car is beautiful and I'm greatful to hear, but not shocked that our Plant City FL store took such great care of you!!

GMtothecore 07-21-2009 01:47 PM

Looks awesome! Congrats and enjoy!

camaro5 07-21-2009 02:09 PM

Congratulations, it's beautiful.


CamaroSpike23 07-21-2009 02:17 PM

sweet. she's a beaut

Georgie 04-20-2010 10:38 AM

Mega bump. i love this car and configuration!

tgdtown 04-24-2010 09:37 AM


Chief Bob 04-24-2010 02:20 PM

IOM is awesome

thespymaster 04-24-2010 06:12 PM

Are you going to go with SUPERMAN THEME? That would be neat to see done!

orange10s.c. 04-24-2010 06:14 PM

Nice color !!!! sweet and congrats.

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