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Dropspeed 04-08-2014 08:33 PM

Dropspeed's AGM 1SS/1LE [COTW 9/1/14]
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THIS CAR IS CASUALLY UP FOR SALE: $24,500, One owner, Clean title, 22,000 Miles

I guess it is time to start a build thread/log/journal as I have been logging most things as I go on the 1LE forum.

7/25/2016 current Mods...

Engine Bay:
Z/28 Intake
Dropspeed 2 piece engine cover
Removed Strut Tower Brace
Bo White ported throttle Body
Rodgers Chevrolet Painted Red battery terminal cover :)

2SS Grey Door panel inserts and dash inserts
2014 Z/28 Driver seat
Autopower 4 point Rollbar

Removed all badges and bowties
Drake Grille insert
Flat Black Taillight Bezels
JDP Front Tow Hook
Dropspeed /Sparco rear tow strap
Removed 1LE hood wrap
ZL1 Side skirts
ZL1 lower rear valance
Z/TA rear spoiler

Pedders rear camber bolts
Whiteline rear cradle bushing inserts
Stock 1LE Springs, Struts, Shocks, Sways

Goodridge Stainless Steel Braided lines
Castrol SRF brake fluid
Dropspeed DIY Brake Ducting
Corvette C7/Z06 non-CCB Calipers with vented pistons
ZL1 2-Piece rotors

OEM 2017 1LE wheels
285/35/20 Michelin Pilot Sport A/S

SLP Skip Shift Elininator
Borla ATAK 2.75" cat-back exhaust, Quad tips(Ceramic coated black)
Eaton Tru-Trac Helical Differential


2013 1SS/1LE with NPP, Boston Stereo and Back Up Camera.

I ordered the car from Becky D at Rodgers Chevrolet in April 2013 and Received in Mid May 2013.

I wanted the car to be as light as possible with only a few options as I knew I would be tracking the car. Pictures from the dealer the day I picked it up:

Dropspeed 04-08-2014 08:34 PM

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First track day (in the 1LE) prep today.

After a meeting with a "shall remain unnamed" person at GM today (you know who you are...Thanks again!) I had a real meeting and then I ran down to Rodgers Chevrolet to get my car ready for the first day at the track at Grattan this coming Sunday.

Alignment: The car is 8 days old and has about 700 miles on it. Alignment was tweaked per recommendations.

LF/RF -1.3 and -1.4 degrees of camber, toe is within factory spec.
LR/RR -0.9 and -0.8 degrees of camber. toe is within factory spec.

EDIT: added my after sheet below.
Disclaimer: This setting is a compromise of street/track based on data/info I may not be for everyone!

Oil change: Many schools of thought...but having built about a dozen motors in my life I wanted to remove the potential of any contaminants left over from assembly..(not saying there are any...but with my purchase my first oil change was free). I did not put in full synthetic as I also like to run 5w 30 Dexos oil for at least a couple thousand miles (both just personal preference)

Brake Fluid: Decided to give Motul 600 a try for the first time in my life.....Because this is the heaviest car (I have owned) that I will have tracked in my life by over 600lbs. Immediately noticed a stiffer pedal (less compression of fluid) after it was installed.

Big thank you to Rodgers for squeezing me in today!

If anyone in MI/OH/IN wants to come out to Grattan to watch, feel free.....I will have my 1LE there and I know there are two ZL1 that will be there as well as many other cars...


Dropspeed 04-08-2014 08:34 PM

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First Track Day in a 1LE (Bonus ZL1 too) LONG
First off....this will be long and detailed.

My background: I have been instructing for about 15 years with numerous clubs, held a NASA comp license, and have had the opportunity to drive (hard) all sorts of street cars on different tracks including Lotus Elise, Exige, Evora, Esprit V8TT, 996 TT, C4s, Noble M400, Ferrari 599, BMW M6, M3, M5, Maserati Quottroporte Executive GT, Firebreather, Evo, Integra Type R, S2000, GT500, Dodge Minivan, Subaru Legacy and many more but you get the idea. However..the 1LE is the first V8 RWD car I have owned that I have tracked.

Event was with at Grattan Raceway in Michigan. Grattan has seen many a magazine test and has seen many development miles from manufacturers here in Michigan as it is only about 2 hours from Detroit.

My setup: 1LE picked up from Rodgers Chevrolet 1.5 weeks ago. I have just over 1000 miles on it. I had the oil changed, Motul 600 brake fluid added and dialed in the camber a hair. -1.3/-1.4 front and -0.08 / -0.09 in the rear. I pulled the fuse for the NPP exhaust for the noise and other than that it was all stock. Tire pressure was set at 32psi cold in the morning and away I went. I drove in both competitive mode and with everything off. Day started clear/sunny and in the 50s and climbed to high 60s in the afternoon.

1LE first impression: I really like the car as it is great out of the box. (DISCLAIMER: I am an aggressive driver so this car may be perfect for 90%+ of you to track it stock) The car is very fun to drive but shows it weight on acceleration and in the corners. It was "tossable" but had more body roll than expected. (UPDATE: I am changing "body roll" to lack of seat support which made it feel like body roll) Acceleration was good...but I had a hard time at Grattan as 2nd was too low (too much RPM) and 3rd was too tall coming out of some of the corners (I ended up with 3rd gear as I had to "pedal" 2nd to control wheel spin). The tires were good and wear was even after 3, 20 minute sessions.

Steering feel and turn in was great.
The rear end would come around with throttle if asked
It actually felt tossable as the transition from right, left, right set-up left through the esses was very good.
Brakes are good and the stock pads worked well
Transmission was flawless and engages nicely
Car is stable at speed.
1LE will hit the claimed 1G according to the data I have.
The motor did not use a drop of oil.
Coolant temps and oil temps looked consistent all day.
Owner of 2012 Z06 was very confused when SS Camaro caught him on the track and told his son the passenger (who told me) "Its only a Camaro....what is going on! after I passed him :))

Room for improvement: (for me) (NOTE: This is a great car out of the box for the $)
Seats...even with cloth I was sliding around.
Brakes: I want to add cooling ducts and a little more aggressive pad (long term will be 6 piston set-up)
HP: I want more (who doesn't)
Suspension: I might try some springs and maybe a rear bar to reduce body roll. Maybe coil overs down the road...but I want to see what springs and a bar would do
AGAIN: this is my wish list...may not be needed by all

Conclusion: The car does exactly what I paid for and what I expect for the price...What does that mean? It means it is good but not perfect (for me). This is a 3800+lb car with 426hp so it did very well given its heft. I like it a lot but will love it with a few tweeks.

LAP TIMES: Numbers don't tell the complete story but my fastest lap was with traction off and in my third session out. I was braking early on the straight as I don't have a trusting relationship with these Brembos yet and I was still getting a feel for the car. With that said.... My fastest lap was a 1:31.47. So how does that stack up to other stock V8 RWD cars at Grattan? Pretty darn good for the price:

2012 ZL1 1:27.94 (Road and track)
2013 Mustang GT500 1:28.52 (Road and track)
2010 Corvette Grand Sport 1:30.2 (Car and Driver)
2013 Camaro 1LE 1:31.47 (Matt Jensen/me!)
2010 Mustang GT 500 1:33.3 (Car and Driver)

There is also an Internet claim that Car and Driver ran both a Zl1 and a GT500 to a 1:30.2, but I can't find anything to verify that.

I think there was a tad more in the car I could have rung out.....but I had to drive it to South Haven (1.5 hrs south, home of Gingerman Raceway) after to pick up the family and the ohhh so understanding wife would have been ohhhh so not happy had I broke it when it was 8 days old! Second issue....I was sick all morning and trying not to let on...Combination of lack of sleep, (I camped out at the track, it got down to 46 degrees so I moved to the car at 3:30am an slept in the passenger seat) bad choice of food, (Monster and a donut), bug or combo of all dumb choices above. I am not sure what did it, but I did throw up just before lunch and then Joe P from Rodgers bought some ice cream for me. I felt way better after that!! (for real) Thanks again Joe! :)

So what makes a ZL1 3.53 seconds faster on this 2.2 mile road course? A couple of items like 6 pistons brakes, better suspension and about 154hp. Grattan has a 3200 foot long straightaway (see picture below) and the 1LE just does not have the HP to keep up with a ZL1 on that straight. Add to that the 6 pistons Brembos and the ZL1 can haul down the extra weight over and over again with little to no fade at the end of the straight unlike the 1LE.

I had the chance to drive my students ZL1 who was none other than Becky D from Rodgers at her first track event ever.....(and she did very well!) The suspension was great in track mode (I believe setting 5) the brakes felt great and the power was more than enough to get in trouble. I am pretty sure Becky was hitting a higher top speed in her ZL1 than I could muster out of my 1LE even with my higher corner exit speed onto the straight....the ZL1 just has more go! According to the Motortrend test thje ZL1 hit 136 on the Grattan straight I was letting off at about 123 (according to data) as I was still unsure of the brakes. (I have hit 155MPH in my Evo race car back in the day on that stretch)

So do I want a ZL1 over a 1LE? Yes as it is a great car, but No as I figure with a little suspension work, about 50whp and a set of CTS-V/ZL1 6-piston front brakes I could have just as much fun and be just as fast a a ZL1 on almost any track.

So if you made it through all of that here are a couple pictures from the event along with some data log snap shots....I have video but was having issues with my editor so I gave up for tonight. There are also a ton more pictures that will be uploaded later.

Another note: wash your car after a track day. (As you should) Even with the stock pads there was a bunch of brake dusk in the crevasse on the inside of the lip of our wheels. You need to get that area clean as it can stick to and damage the surface.

The rear view mirror picture was taken on lunch time parade laps. That is Becky D and Joe from Rodgers Chevrolet in the white ZL1 and Mr. Wyndham (Joe) in his silver ZL1 who drove in from Buffalo NY for the event! The STIGWHO plate is not really mine...I good friend works for SVT and has the STIG plate on his Mustang so another friend got this plate for his Z06. It was on my car for a little fun.


Video from my 1LE at Grattan Raceway on thread below

This is from a couple weeks ago as I was having issues with my GoPro editor.

This is the first outing with my 1LE in my first session of the day. I was getting a feel for the car and just putting it through its paces. Car was bone stock with the exception of the Motul 600 brake fluid. I ran about 3 laps prior to the start of this video to warm up the car and came in to get some more space on the track. Becky D was my student that day so she is riding shot gun in the start of the video and then 1/2 way into the session I drop her off and pick up Mr. Wyndham (Joe) My buddy labeled the video incorrectly as it was not a Race not was it the second session of the day.

Track layout is in the picture below.

Edit. Forgot to mention with this group they enter the track at an emergency out. I really dislike this track entry, but they feel it is safer than having the student blend on the straight when the cars on track are at anywhere from 80+ mph AND Turn the volume down as its is all wind noise as the camera was mounted on the top of the windshield....AND as soon as I catch that Focus ST the checker flag is out so the last lap is a cool down...If you wait until the end you can see two ZL1 in the pits belonging to my two passengers.


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Dropspeed 04-08-2014 08:34 PM

1LE Hood Wrap Match/Exterior mods
I went to my friends who is also my window tint guy and clear bra installer for 16+ years so he could touch up a couple spots.

While there I started to talk about the wrap on the hood and that I wanted to match it between the tail lights. He walks into his garage and come out with a roll of 3M wrap (not "vinyl" it's apparently different??) and cuts off a piece and hands it to me..exact match! Conversation turns to tinting the back up lights and side markers...He walks back into the garage and come out with scraps of vinyl tint (basically clear bra type material that is tinted) and proceeds to install it on the 6 lights in about 20 minutes total....

We put a lighter tint on the back up lights so they are still functional and the darker on the side markers (functional as well..just darker)

I painted the bezels last week a trim black and then installed the 3M wrap last night about midnight. It is very subtle on the back of my AGM but I like it.(It is on there in the full rear end picture)...Below are the end results. I am pretty happy with the new look.

Note: pictures are all with a iPhone and on different days, hence the color shade ect...clear bra is on the front....but of course you can t see it :)
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Dropspeed 04-08-2014 08:34 PM

2nd Track Day in my 1LE: Gingerman
This is the 2nd of 3 tracks I consider "Home" / have many miles on that I want to run the car completely stock at before I make any changes or upgrades

I went to Gingerman to instruct yesterday and ran the 1LE on stock tires, pads, on again. (has Motul 600 fluid) As a point of reference, Gingerman is my "home" track as we have family property 4 miles from the track so I have a few miles on it: (about 35 to 40,000 :drool: )

My student again was Becky D from Rodgers in her white ZL1, which surprisingly did not melt during its first outing in the rain! There was one other ZL1 there (the red one) edit: that is a member here as well (Crangie). Thank you to him for providing the video of him chasing me around a few post below. Becky did very well, but I will let her share her lap times and experience if she wishes.

  • Weather: 80 and sunny.....did not run in or after it rained.
  • TC/Stability: All nannies completely off (held button for 7+ seconds)
  • Brakes: Gingerman is very hard on brakes: stock brakes did very well/better than expected. No fade or soft pedal. (I only ran 2 (very hard) sessions) First step will be a compound change and air ducts
  • Seat/belt: I spent more time trying to stay in my seat than anything else...Harness and or seat upgrade will be coming as they are a must.
  • Gearing/tires: This is something I noticed at Grattan as well. There are some corners that 3rd didn't have a enough grunt (for me) and second was too aggressive and would result in wheel spin. In second the inside rear tire would break loose and spin on corner exit. In 3rd the tires set-up is perfect and worked fine.....If I want to drive more aggressively (drop into 2nd) I believe the 305 rear tire may help this. (a better limited slip would be the fix....but tires are cheaper to try).....I will also add power mods which will make this (perceived) lack of power in 3rd disappear, but may induce wheel spin in that gear?
The group I run with has a fairly unique run group system. Group 1: race rules, open passing, wheel to wheel OK, no rubbing. (serious race cars/fast street cars) Group 2: Wheel to Wheel OK, Point to pass in corners...then group 3 and 4 that are more conventional, limited passing, straights only, driver side only, instructor....

I ran in Group 2 as I am still getting a feel for the car. Some mentionable from my group were a stock Boss 302, Corvette GS: Race seats, Race tires, Corvette Z06: race tires, cam, headers, Stock ZL1, Mustang Bullet, Mustang Race car: gutted , cage, suspension, race tires,Spec Miata, RX8

Driver experience is unknown in all, but without exaggeration I had no issues with catching and passing or walking away from all of the above (and others) Reality caught me when a BMW 3 series race car slowly caught me.....but his rear wing was higher than the roof line and wider than the car so I figured that was OK :)

Note about the BOSS 302 (because I was going to buy one before the 1LE package came out) I passed him in my first session and tried to talk with him....he really was not interested in talking with me :noidea: . In the second session I followed him out and then let him have a lap to warm up his tires. After he turned up the wick I noticed (just as magazines had stated) the rear of the car was not planted and he was fighting as it was dancing around.....After about a 1/2 lap of me knocking on his backdoor he let be by and by the end of the session he was at least 1/2 track (1 mile) behind)

Lap Times:

Fastest Lap: 1:47.34 (long course) Full tank of gas and with a passenger (Becky D) I backed it with other 47s and some 48s. I was slower in the second session with less fuel, no passenger and trying the 2nd gear downshift. I had more fun spinning and drifting in the second session but lap times suffered.
  • Compared to Automobile Magazine with a race car driver in a GT500 and a ZL1 on the same course I am within 3 seconds of a ZL1 and about 2 of a GT500...I am OK with that for only two session in it.
Me:Stock 1LE: 1:47.34
2012 ZL1: 1:44.53
2013 GT500: 1.45.21

Pictures from tower during the downpour late afternoon and from Automobile magazine listing lap times and track layout.

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Dropspeed 04-08-2014 08:35 PM

Rodgers Performance / Pedders
I stopped in at Rodgers Chevrolet this afternoon to visit Becky D, pick out a new company car and get an oil change on the 1LE. Look what the Rodgers Performance fairy left next to my car, my Pedders Sports Ryder springs came in.

I made my decision to go with the Pedders Sports Ryder springs in the 1LE. I should have them installed by this weekend and then aligned next week. It looks like my next track day will be at Grattan again Labor Day weekend and I can provide a full review after.

I had Becky D put a hold on a AGM Equinox that will match my AGM Camaro. :)


EDIT: Correct sideways iPhone pictures and added picture of a Rodgers Employees white ZL1 in her inside private parking spot!
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Dropspeed 04-08-2014 08:35 PM

2013 1LE, 12.991 E/T, 100% stock
I just returned form the drag strip and I wasn't going to leave until I saw a 12 second ET :)

  • 100% bone stock 2013 1SS/1LE (tires, intake, tune, weight blah blah its all stock)
  • Child seat in back, full gym bag, some quick detailer, 2 California dusters, road side kit and a bunch of towels in the truck :) (25lbs? total)
  • Temps were 68 when I started at noon and 72 and sunny when I left.
  • 1/2 tank of gas (93 octane)
  • Elevation 827 feet above sea level
  • Drove an hour with no cool down and ran a 13.2 out of the box with rear tires at 35PSI
  • Track was slippery, tires spun
  • Shifted when the tach said 6200
  • Hot lapped twice with 2,13.0s....
  • Let it cool 1/2 hour and dropped the psi to 27/28, ran the same
  • Track was oiled down so I sat 2 hours and dropped PSI to 25.
  • Ran more 13.0s and then the 12.991
  • Called it a day!:headbang:
What I learned....
  • You MUST shift into 4th
  • 35 to 25 psi made no real difference in 60ft times.
  • Car will run 12s, 100% stock.
Math tells me with a set of drag radials I can run a 12.8 with a 1.9/60 and a 12.6/.7 with a 1.8 60ft....


PS: If any Cold Air Intake companies want to prove their product works bolt-on without a tune let me know as I am pretty consistent in this thing ;)
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Dropspeed 04-08-2014 08:39 PM

My 1LE Random Pics (Lowered w/Pedders)
Visual exterior mods:
  • Bowties, SS and Camaro badges removed
  • 1LE badge installed in grill
  • Taillight bezels painted black
  • Corner lights and back up lights smoked
  • Matte black wrap between taillights (same as hood)
  • Not really visual, but it keeps the paint nice: clear Bra, complete front, A-pillars, mirrors, headlights and behind gills
  • Pedders Sport Ryder lowering springs 220032/220033
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Dropspeed 04-08-2014 08:39 PM

Pedders Springs installed on 1LE (Pictures)
Update: 3/11: I emailed Pedders AU and they provided the spring rates:

Front coil 220032, Linear Rate, 130Lb/inch or 2.3Kg/mm
Rear Coil 220033, Linear Rate, 433Lb/inch or 7.8Kg/mm

Prelude: I worked in the aftermarket performance industry for many years before the OE side so I am very opinionated when it comes to aftermarket parts in regards to quality and fitment. I witnessed the good, bad & ugly from the aftermarket side so claims are not always true and good enough often is the norm. I have never worked with Pedders or their components before but I decided to use them after my research and based on their reputation

I picked up my Pedders 220032 FR / 220033 RR springs from Rodgers Performance last week and installed them and timed the bushings this weekend. After a quick shade tree alignment (strings and camber gauges) I was off for a weekend of short trips totaling about 200+ miles, many cruising the famed Woodward here in Detroit looking for trouble :) One trip on Sunday was 50+ miles with a full load: Full tank of gas, 2 adult male and 2 children so I was able to get a feel both loaded and unloaded. I did also take before measurements to provide before/after ride height numbers, but I will wait until my alignment is complete at Rodgers tonight to measure the after numbers

A track review will occur at the end of this month when I hit Grattan again over Labor day weekend.


  • Pedders Springs: Fit, finish look great, red looks bad arse IMO
  • Install: pretty straight forward on this car, no issues. I looked online and saw that many people do not use the provided coil wrap on the rear springs (see picture) I would recommend using this to prevent potential noise issues in the rear springs when they compress.
  • Stance: It was a little high in the front with the stock FR / Pedders RR combo, I think it looks/sits great with the 32/33 springs installed.
  • Ride: as mentioned I am very opinionated....With that said I have been pleasantly surprised with the ride. The Pedders springs/stock strut combo work well together. There is an increased ride firmness as expected when the spring rates are increased but nothing uncomfortable. On the street the car does everything I would expect better than stock: brake dive is reduced/eliminated and the car feels planted.
  • Noise: None, nada, nothing...There are no clunks, clicks, squeaks, creeks or banging. If you hit a large bump you defiantly know it.....but other than the car moving up and settling back down firmly there is no drama.
  • Overall: I am very happy with the set-up and if you want to street/track you car this seems to be a very good compromise :thumb:
Track times and review to come later this month!


EDIT: After alignment.

I went to Rodgers this afternoon Gerry (service manager) set me up with Dave (tech) that did my alignment last time. I still want an aggressive street/track combo alignment as this is not a daily driver (but seems to be lately as my daily just sits :) )

I went with -1.6 degree of camber in the front and I wanted about -1.0 in the rear. We ran into a slight issue as the driver side wouldnt go any further positive than I settled on -1.4/-1.3 in the rear. My only concern is tire wear and traction on the street when driving aggressively in a straight line....

One of a couple things may happen back there. I may end up with some Pedders camber bolts to correct this OR I may try the Pedders 220035 springs to raise the back about 15mm just to see what happens. At this point I am going to leave everything along until the end of the month when I track it.

Ride heights: Measured in mm from the bottom wheel lip (not the ground) to the fender....If you want inches divide the number by 25.4 (25.4mm = 1")

Front Stock
LF: 672 RF: 668
Front Pedders
LF: 657 RF: 654
Front Diff:
LF: 15mm RF: 14mm

Rear Stock
LR: 690 RR:690
Rear Pedders:
LR: 660 RR:655
Rear Diff:
LR: 30mm RR:35mm

I double checked the right rear twice ???

Final pic: Rodgers got a brand new trailer that is pretty badass....

Dropspeed 04-08-2014 08:40 PM

My Garage: 2013 1LE
I apparently don't travel far enough down on the forums and didn't know we have a garage forum unit just now....

Below are some pictures for my set-up/work in progress garage. I wrapped up this phase of the project in July. This is a 20x22 detached and we already have a deck on the house but I wanted to add the doors and another deck so I could work in there and keep and eye on the kids playing in the yard. In the spring it will get new windows, siding and a floor coating.

Started with raising a couple slabs of concrete, then a little addition of concrete. (both contracted) Then I installed the doors and built the deck.(by myself thank you very much :)...I ended up with an area to comfortably park and maneuver 3 cars around as well a nice little "man-deck" off the side.


Dropspeed 04-08-2014 08:40 PM

3rd track day in 1LE: Waterford Hills
I received a last minute invite to instruct at the Roush Owners track event put on by Roush here in the Detroit area to coincide with the Woodward Dream Cruise. I/we are fortunate to have a smaller (1.5mile) road course within about 25 minutes of my house. Waterford Hills is a very technical road course with very little room for error or passing and multiple track surface that one must contend with. As they say, if you can drive Waterford, you can drive anywhere!

  • 2013 1LE Mods: Driver, SLP Blackwing elbow, drop in filter, Pedders springs, Motul 600 (stock tires, pads, rotors, sway bars, bushings, gearing, weight etc.)
  • -1.6 front camber, -1.3 rear camber (aligned @ Rodgers Chevrolet)
  • Best lap: 1:21 flat...tons of 21.x and 22.x to back it
  • I was tied as the fastest car of the day with a 640RWP, Corvette ZR1 on Cup tires driven by an acquaintance. He didn't have a lap timer but he couldn't get away over about 7 laps until we hit traffic and the Mustang he passed spun in front of me :(
  • This was a Roush day so there were 40+ Mustangs, Stage 2 and Stage 3 (supercharged, suspension, etc) the aforementioned ZR1 and another 605WHP ZR1, a Katech built Z06 (I am acquaintances/friends with the vette guys) an a 80s 911 and a couple Focus.
Favorite comment of the day during tech:
  • I was inline to tech and had a small gathering around the car...I mentioned I had hoped to see some 1:19s out of the car and was met with a disbelieving "That is faster that Scott!". Scott is a nice guy and a Roush Engineer that apparently was the fastest guy in this group with an 4.6L Supercharged Mustang, roll bar, race wing ect.......He was quick, but he had to let me by :)......But then, I still didn't run the 19s or even 20s I was hoping for so we can call that a wash! :(
  • Waterford Hills being short with quick left right transitions showcased how unsupportive the stock SS non-leather seats can be. (Yes harness would help, but for me no rollbar = no harness) If you plan to track your 2014+ order the Recaros!!!!!
  • Rear wheel breaking loose under power on right turn, 2nd gear corner exit (diff opening?) I experienced this again at Waterford. I spoke with an acquaintance Saturday and I am waiting for a response with some direction at this time.
Pedders Springs
  • This is not an A-B comparison as I never had the 1LE stock on Waterford Hills....(That will be in two weeks at Grattan). I am pretty certain that the Pedders spring rate is pretty darn close to the stock rates as the car had the similar if not the same handling characteristics as when it was stock. I cant say it was any better or any worse at this point. We will see in two weeks.
Video to come at a later time.....It is pretty boring as I was out front and there wasn't much traffic to pass in the only session I recorded


First two nice pictures courtesy of Andy Perry

Dropspeed 04-08-2014 08:40 PM

4th track Day in my 1LE (w/Pedders Springs) @ Grattan
The Rodgers Performance Race Team ;) (Ok not really a team as it was me, Becky D and Joe from Rodgers Chevrolet) joined 3 Balls racing at Grattan this past Saturday. I brought my 1LE and worked with Becky D in her ZL1. (see notes below) I do need to exend a special thanks to Joe/Becky at Rodgers Chevrolet for allowing me to drive/use their truck and trailer as we by far had the coolest rig at the track which also doubled as a kick-ass viewing stand. (see pics).

My 1LE Current mods:
  • SLP Blackwing intake: (Elbow and drop in filter, stock airbox, claimed 10HP)
  • Pedders Springs FR and RR (-1.6FR / -1.3RR Camber)
  • Motul 600 Brake fluid
  • DIY brake ducts (Search my other threads)
  • ALL other items are stock (pads, tires, rotors, weight.....)
When I ran the car a week after I got it in May I had Motul 600 and -1.3FR / -1.0 RR camber only

Lap time in May 2013 : 1:31.47 (1 Glory lap, Consistent

Lap time in Sept 2013 : 1:30.22 (Consistent 1:30.xx all day)

So the car is 1.2x seconds faster, but about 2 seconds faster consistently overall.

Pedders Springs I think the biggest question we all should have is should I lower my 1LE or change the suspension....My answer is :noidea:?????? Until Pedders post spring rates I am going to go on record and state the rates appear to be very close to stock spring rates. The car appears to have all of the same handling characteristics of a stock 1LE so there were no issues with them at all. Overall I like the look and ride of the Pedders on the car and because it isn't any slower nor do they have any ill effects on the car they will stay for the time being (I may swap the rear springs to the slightly taller Pedders in the rear)

Intake and brake ducts???? I tried some laps hitting 131 and 132 on the straight before hitting the brakes but I was seriously puckering in the braking zone (there is no run off :)). Do I think these items help? Sure, I guess....but I don't attribute either to the reduced lap time.

So why was the car roughly 2 second faster overall?...SEAT TIME. Honestly I had the car about 1.5 weeks before I tracked it the first time at Grattan and I was a little hesitant in pushing it too hard. I now have 5500 miles on it and many laps on different tracks behind the wheel. I was way more comfortable with it and this past weekend I was pushing the car harder.

ON A SIDE NOTE: I "talked" Becky into coming out to the track this year and offered to work with her/instruct. Her very first time at an HPDE was in May at Grattan. She has run 2 times at Gingerman and then this past weekend at Grattan. Becky ran a 2:09 the first time out in May at Grattan......she just ran a 1:38 this past weekend!!!! Not too bad for a 1st year driver. Nice job Becky!....

Enjoy the Pictures: FYI Black background lap picture is from MAY....White is from Sept to see the MPH differences


Dropspeed 04-08-2014 08:41 PM

New Storage wheels for my 1LE
Installed some new shoes on my 1LE yesterday and then put it away for the winter.

I wanted to store the stock tires (on the stock wheels) but wanted to be able to move the car around easily.

NOW for you drag racers comparing the SS 1/4 miles times to 1LE 1/4 mile times. Driving the stock GY G2 285/35 to the 275/40 P-Zero in sub 30 degree temps I can tell you for fact the P-Zero hook up waaaaaaaay better when cold. I may try these at the drag strip next spring.


Dropspeed 04-08-2014 08:54 PM

Brake Ducts Installed on my 1LE (DIY)
I had been planning to install some brake ducts on my 1LE since I first got it in May, but after 3 track days on the stock calipers/rotors/pads and Motul 600 and not doing "much" late braking I was pleasantly surprised with the stock set-up.

I decided to add ducts before Grattan this past weekend on pretty much the morning I was scheduled to my choice of parts was out of my last minute decision, not out of long term planning :) I would have preferred a more conical duct entrance so the air wouldn't be turbulent entering but I couldn't find one small enough for the area I wanted to use and these were very cost effective.

Parts used:

  • 1 Tube of 3" x 10" of Neoprene 2 ply brake duct material (you only need about 3' total) about $ can by yours for about $20
  • 2 random metal brakets with holes that can be bent / formed to hold the tail of the duct in place (I had them in my garage)
  • 2 Long zip ties (also in my garage)
  • 2 " Air Intake Mount made by Spectre p/n 8148 (2 x $5.99) purchased one at Advanced auto parts and the second at O'Reilly Auto parts
  • 8 push clips: I used these because I have tons of them in my garage (nut/bolt, pop rivet and other items will work)
  • 2 Hose clamps (from my garage)
Why I chose the position I did to gather the air:
  • I copied the routing from the ZL1
  • It is a straight shot from front to the area it dumps air
  • It was easy to mount my inlets
  • I had coffee with the High Performance Brake Engineer at GM that worked with the brake system and he told me not to grab the air from the fog light openings (remove lights) as it was warmer and more turbulent out there.
If you look at the picture that has the ZL1 air guide(top) and SS/1LE (bottom) you can see were SS is wider because the ZL1 has the ducts in that area. It appears the Camaro was designed from the get go to have brake ducts as there is room on either side between the frame rail and the washer bottle on the drivers side and between the rail and the radiator overflow on the passenger side to fit 3" ducts (thanks GM!)

General Overview:
  • Remove front fascia and set aside (NO modification needed at all)
  • take your Air inlet and eyeball it/ square it up on the flat section of the lower air guide (still on the car) (see pic)
  • Drill your hole with a hole saw (see pic)
  • Clean up edges of the new hole with a file or razor blade
  • Mark and drill 4 holes to insert your clips or nut/bolt to hold the inlet to the air guide
  • NOW READ CAREFULLY: the 3" brake duct ID is the same size as the 3" air inlet OD....they will not slip together with out a slight mod to the duct. The duct has a metal wire for support in it. You will need to use a pair of wire cutters to "snip" about 3 of the wires at the same point. Do not cut the material, just make 3 snips of the wire in a row to release the tension and allow the duct to slip over the air inlet. (see pic)
  • Attach the hose to the air inlet and then feed the hose through the hole in the air guide (DO NOT install the hose clamp will not fit through the hole)
  • Secure the Air inlet to the air guide, install hose clamp.
This is where you will need to be a bit creative with the bracket to hold it up on the end closest to the wheel well

  • There is a bolt holding the washer bottle in place....remove it as this is where you will take your random metal bracket and mount it. (use the radiator overflow bolt on the passenger side)
  • Adjust your bracket until it holds the duct in place.
  • NOT PICTURED: I coated my random metal brackets with Black plastic dip just to make it look a little more stealth
  • Install a zip tie around the duct and secure it to the random metal bracket.
  • Repeat on the other side
  • Reinstall the front fascia
  • Smile and pat yourself on the back for a job well done!
I ended my my brake ducts at the front edge of the wheel wheel just like the ZL1 does. A true "racecar" brake duct will end at the backside of the hub/inside of the rotor but I didn't see any easy route and was frankly running out of time as I had to load and get to the track....

I did test them in my personal wind tunnel = A leaf blower on the front of the car and I was able to confirm my race car scientific theory: there is a lot of air coming out the duct and dumping into the back of the hub area....:w00t:

Pictures Speak 1000 works....See below

FYI: I have enough extra material to supply 1/2 person with a DIY kit for a small fee. DO NOT ask me here please...PM me.


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