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jschuler 09-25-2009 06:38 PM

Kansas City Camaro meet: OFFICIAL PLAN
Kansas City Camaro meet: OFFICIAL PLAN

Ok, I finally got all of this together and organized and have received permission for where we are parking and reservations for where we are eating.

Date: Saturday, October 17th.

Arrival time: between 4:30-5:00pm. You can really arrive whenever but we can line up the cars nicely if we arrive together.

Place: We are parking our cars at Nebraska Furniture Mart in the Legends Village West Shopping Center.

Nebraska Furniture Mart
1601 Village West Parkway
Kansas City, KS 66111

We won’t have ‘reserved’ space, however the farthest spaces from the entrance are usually empty (this parking lot is gigantic). I’m thinking the best place to line up our cars is the far corner of the Nebraska Furniture Mart parking lot, near the Longhorn Steakhouse. Just find the camaros :D

For those who are interested I have made reservations for a large group to eat at Cheeseburger in Paradise. Didn’t want to show up with a huge group on a Saturday night and have to wait two hours…we can just walk there from our parking spots.

Reservation is for 6pm.
Cheeseburger in Paradise
1705 Village West Parkway
Kansas City, KS 66111

If you’ve never been to the Village West Shopping Center and you are driving far, you may want to consider going up there early to shop and walk around (and then join us in the NFM parking lot). You can also eat wherever you want, but I would like to know who will be joining us so I can call with a better estimate.

I will send out personal messages too to everyone who has responded. I estimate at least 20 camaros….and I can’t wait!:headbang:

Rookie13 09-25-2009 11:20 PM

Time for a Midwest Roundup!!!! Bring your Camaro and your Camera. :)

modiecast 10-11-2009 12:15 AM

Any word on the number of Camaro members to expect? The Kansas City Star has a car show and meet section that comes out in the Saturday edition. Maybe you can get the meet listed there as well. I think it's free. I'm planning on being there.

Camaro509 10-11-2009 08:45 AM

Was this split from the other thread?

We're still a 'go' for this, see you all there!

Cardinal14 10-11-2009 01:32 PM

KC Meet
We are looking forward to next weekend's meet to see the other Camaros from the area. See you there!

bmonty72 10-12-2009 09:09 AM

If anyone shows up early, and likes Beer....That day is also the annual KC Beerfest.

More info here...

JayhawkSS 10-12-2009 12:38 PM


Originally Posted by bmonty72 (Post 1033863)
If anyone shows up early, and likes Beer....That day is also the annual KC Beerfest.

More info here...

I went to KC Beerfest last year when it was at the Power & Light district. Was so much fun and there was some great beer! I recommend going for sure.:drinking:

bmonty72 10-14-2009 12:12 PM

How many people are we expecting? Just looking for an idea.

jschuler 10-14-2009 11:11 PM

As it stands now the people who have said YES or MAYBE to bringing their camaros stands at 16 cars. There are more people coming as well, those who don't have their cars yet or those bringing spouses. I RSVP'd for 30 at the restaurant but I'm gonna send out another post tomorrow and get the stragglers and remind everyone. :) Does that answer the question?

Hawks 10-14-2009 11:22 PM

I will see what I can do but cant promise to be there I have to be at a function earlier that day.

bmonty72 10-15-2009 09:15 AM

That great, JSchuler!!! I do appreciate the effort you have put into this! I have a good idea of what is involved in putting something like this together. If it hasn't been said already, THANK YOU, VERY MUCH!!! This should be a really good time and I'm sure that we will attract some attention of passers-by with 16 brand new Camaros sitting together!!!

Mojo 10-15-2009 09:29 AM

I'm hoping to be there - we've also got plans for the day so might be late, but it sounds like fun!

jschuler 10-16-2009 12:05 PM

Well thanks for the kudos! I'm super excited, and there should be a few more than that, since I wasn't including myself or the car (or two) that Superior Chevy might bring. Just sent out a few more PM's so I think it'll be a nice little shindig.:headbang:

Camaro509 10-17-2009 10:40 PM

Pictures are over in this thread that Aequitas & Veritas set up for us.

Thanks Jessica for setting this up, had a good time!

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