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1969to2010 03-07-2010 09:21 PM


Spintech Mufflers 2.5 inch 304 stainless steel cat back exhaust. This was the first system made for the A6 L99 cars. The quality of the product is second to none. The bends were done well and the workmanship was excellent. Ron at Spintech was very helpful and patient when it came to answering my questions about a home install. Im by no means a mechanic just a regular guy. (don't laugh Jim)
>So me and Jim1SS set out to do our install. we jacked the Camaro up from the back and positioned jack stands underneath the rear of the car. This gave us more than enough clearance to get at the stock exhaust system. We cut the old mufflers out of the car with a sawzall (A move I recommend it definitely saved us some time). We then took down the stock body brace/tunnel brace rested a jack under the stock exhaust then unbolted the rest of the system. We were very surprised with the difference in weight. The cat back was much lighter than stock.
> We bolted the X pipe using the jack to position it in place. Then mocked up the rest of the kit leaving the bolts loose for later on. Installed the spohn body brace next( perfect for lowered cars) to stiffen up the 5thgen. We did run into some issues having to cut some pipe out to make it fit right. This being the first stainless steel kit they did its not uncommon to have a few small tweaks. Ron from Spintech was very receptive and happy for the feedback. Once we got every thing cut right with some jostling and measuring the rest went in pretty easy. It took us about three hours with a rack it would have cut the time in half, but we worked with what we have. I really cant complain about the install. (big thanks to Jim1SS)
>So the moment of truth finally comes. We start her up. The sound was evil wicked mean and nasty, everything I wanted and more. Once she was running we checked underneath for leaks. We had a few so we tightened up the bolts a bit more(The leaks would go away once the system was heated up and the metal expanded) We took her around the block and realized we had move the system yet again (my fault) we didn't leave enough space between the body brace for wiggle room. We just loosened up the system and used the jack to get it where we wanted and then tightened it up a bit. then we were good to go. took her out onto the open road and got on her a bit. The car responded and sounded great. The interior noise is much more than stock but not annoying. No vibration just a nice loud tone. I never had a lack for wanting to drive my car but now im borderline obsessed. The cat back gave a nice bump in performance. I even made my wife drive it so I could follow just to hear it go down the road. (Im losing it aren't I ?)
>So all in all I'm very impressed with the cat back. The system delivered performance and the sound I wanted. The modifications we had to make shouldn't be an issue with the cat backs, being ours was the first one made. The price is right on par with other 304 stainless systems out there. This kit is well priced and outstanding quality. One of the other nice things about dealing with Spintech is its an American Small business not some huge company. You call them for support you get a person that goes a long way with me these days. The aluminized systems are also an excellent buy. If you are cost conscious I would recommend getting the aluminized cat back and spraying it with POR 15 (hat tip to Jim1ss) this way it will never rust and save you a few dollars. The axle back is a very good price also for someone who has done ARH headers/xpipe already. Im happy

MadMav 03-07-2010 11:39 PM

Very nice!


The 2010 Sin 03-07-2010 11:47 PM

Sounds awesome!

navyblueSS 03-08-2010 07:21 AM

Very nice, sounds good!

futrocpd 03-08-2010 07:21 AM

sounds great. i had spintechs on my 01 procharged silverado, they are great mufflers.

g-townmach 03-08-2010 09:59 AM

Nice review and vids. Sounds great. I've always loved their super pro streets. Probably the best sounding muffler there is. I'm thinking about switching over to spintech when I do my headers.

1969to2010 03-23-2010 09:02 AM

update : afm tuned out the car is alot better interior noise isnt too loud anymore
the car feels like this is the way it was supposed to be

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