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TAG UR IT 04-13-2007 12:29 PM

New Job Openings at GM (Fuel Economy Research)
Anyone want to go and work for one of the big three? Here's your big chance!

By Terry Kosdrosky
April 12, 2007

DETROIT -- General Motors Corp., looking to ramp up its expertise in emerging technology amid mounting pressure to boost fuel economy, will use a job fair to try and fill 400 new engineering and technical positions.

While the auto maker has been shedding tens of thousands of jobs via buyouts and early retirements, there are growth areas the company has been beefing up, spokeswoman Brenda Rios said Thursday.

Wanted are engineers to fill positions in powertrain engineering, product development, fuel cells, the OnStar telematics system and information technology.

GM wants interested candidates to register for the May 5 career fair, to be held in Metro Detroit, at . Qualified candidates will be invited to the job fair.

The auto maker hasn't done a "large-scale" career fair in a long time, but wants to take advantage of the Society of Automotive Engineers World Congress conference being held in Detroit next week.

"We know there will be a significant number of qualified engineers in the region," she said. Print and broadcast ads will publicize the job openings.

GM has added about 1,000 jobs a year over the past few years in those specialized areas, Rios said. But the auto maker sees an opportunity to gather a large number of qualified candidates at one time.

The auto maker's move underscores the critical nature of developing new technology such as alternative fuels and power systems as car companies face pressure to improve fuel efficiency and reduce the nation's dependence on oil.

GM in recent months has announced that it's developing a plug-in hybrid vehicle and earlier this year introduced the Chevrolet Volt concept car, a sedan that would run primarily on electric power.

"We're looking for people with the technical expertise to help us change the way the world drives," GM North America President Troy Clarke said in a statement. He added that GM is "accelerating work in emerging technologies."

Shares of GM were off 12 cents to $31.34 late trading Thursday on the New York Stock Exchange.

Mr. Wyndham 04-13-2007 11:42 PM

Well, At least they're doing something instead of whining; we need help washington!

It is proof that Times have changed an GM (finally) along with it. Innovation rather than imitation is what American has always been about, and If GM continues on the course they're taking, i can see happy days ahead for our favorite Auto-maker

TAG UR IT 04-14-2007 01:11 AM

If the gov't wants automakers to change the emissions and fuel usage in their vehicles so badly, help foot the bill. The big three are already striving to stay competitive with all the foreign automakers and are doing their best to stay ahead of the game. Screw the big three a little more...make them cut production on veh's we are willing to buy...and next thing you know, some will be saying why the hell not buy foreign. If not dealt with properly and quickly, this could be detrimental to all three. I'm saying the gov't needs to help fund a few projects to KEEP THE HARD EARNED AMERICAN DOLLAR WITHIN THE UNITED STATES. It's called an INVESTMENT, Mr. President.

Yes, I'd love a V8, 450hp Camaro that runs 35mpg's in city traffic. Who the hell wouldn't??? It's feasible, but costs some major bucks to get there. It will be very interesting to see what happens here over the next 3 to 4 years...very interesting.

Mr. Wyndham 04-14-2007 11:18 AM

huh, he's got so many foriegn countrys pissed off at him that he needs to send all the buisness he can over there to keeep them happy.

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