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FenwickHockey65 11-02-2008 11:36 PM

4 SEMA CAMAROS finally unveiled by GM! (hi-res images & details)
Please continue all discussions in each SEMA Camaro Concept's Individual Threads (featuring official details, GM photos and live photos from SEMA):

Camaro LS7 Concept

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Concept Camaro

Camaro BLACK Concept

Camaro GS Racer Concept

__________________________________________________ __

Camaro LS7 Concept
Camaro LS7 Concept: Designed to highlight the capability of the new Camaro as a weekend bracket warrior, the Camaro LS7 Concept combines the power of a GM Performance Parts’ LS7 crate engine and targeted bolt-on upgrades to deliver the wheels-up spirit of the legendary COPO Camaros.

Made famous by Chevy dealers like Don Yenko and Fred Gibb in the late 1960s, the COPO cars were ordered for one thing: drag racing. They were quickly outfitted after delivery with the requisite tires, safety equipment and other accessories necessary for competition in popular Stock-class drag racing series.

The LS7 Concept honors the COPO ethos with features such as drag strip-ready rubber on the rear wheels – and unlike many of the stripped-down racers from 40 years ago, this strip-ready competitor serves double duty as both a racecar and a daily driver.

The LS7 crate engine (part number 17802397) uses a high-performance replacement camshaft from GM Performance Parts (part number 12480033) to help it produce approximately 550 horsepower. Complementing upgrades include GM Performance Parts-developed headers and air intake system that will be offered at the Camaro’s launch in early 2009. The LS7 also is modified with a wet-sump oiling system; the production engine features a dry-sump system that requires an external oil tank.

Backing the LS7 engine is a production Tremec 6060 six-speed manual with a GM Performance Parts Hurst shifter. Additional drivetrain details include:

Brembo four-wheel disc brake package
Lowered ride height
Custom 20-inch wheels
Driveshaft safety loop
GM Performance Parts exhaust system

The Camaro LS7 concept is painted Victory Red, with matte black accents on the hood and taillamp panel. “LS7” logos are strategically placed and warn those in the know this Camaro means business when the Christmas tree lights count down to green. It’s all business on the spartan interior, too, with base trim and few accessories to minimize overall mass for a quicker elapsed time.

Although the Camaro LS7 Concept is just that – a concept – its duplication by enterprising enthusiasts and racers is enabled by GM Performance Parts’ LS7 crate engine package. It delivers a fully assembled, production version of the engine, complete from the intake manifold to oil pan. An oil reservoir for the standard dry sump system and GM Performance Parts’ LS7 engine controller (part number 19166567) are all that’s necessary to get the engine running in an enthusiast’s project vehicle – well, that and a chassis capable of handling more than 500 lb.-ft. of torque!

Camaro Dale Earnhardt Jr. Concept -
NASCAR star Dale Jr. is fan of vintage Camaros - he cruises around in a Pro Touring-style '72 Camaro powered by a GM Performance Parts LS crate engine - and the heritage-inspired design of the 2010 Camaro appeals to him like a checkered flag at Daytona. His vision for the car was channeled to GM's designers and crafted in a multi-color combination of style, capability and comfort.

They started with a new Camaro SS that uses the standard 6.2L V-8, but modified to use E85. Taking advantage of E85's favorable octane rating, the engine was calibrated to deliver a few extra horsepower, with the exhaust exiting through GM Performance Parts' new headers. It's backed by the SS's available six-speed manual transmission and GM Accessories' short-throw Hurst shifter. Additional performance enhancements include a Brembo brake package and a lowered ride height, giving Dale Jr.'s Camaro a sleeker look to match its road-hugging capability.

custom gray-over-white paint scheme blends the high-performance drivetrain with serious style. It is accented with an orange stripe separating the gray and white sections. Also generating attention on the exterior is a set of 21-inch, five-spoke wheels inspired by the Camaro Convertible Concept. They feature dark-painted center sections on the spokes that complement the body's gray color. The wheels are wrapped in Pirelli P-Zero ZR-rated performance tires.

Additional exterior details include:

* Chevy Accessories grille
* Chevy Accessories ground effects and rear diffuser
* Chevy Accessories exhaust system
* Early Camaro-style "dovetail" rear spoiler
* Production high-intensity discharge headlamps
* Production RS taillamps

Similarly, the interior is outfitted for performance and style, including:

* Custom-trimmed leather-and-suede-covered seats with accent stitching
* Leather-trimmed steering wheel, shift knob, door armrests and center console lid, with accent stitching
* Carbon-fiber treatment on the instrument panel and door panel inserts
* Racing-style aluminum pedals
* Production-optional four-pack auxiliary gauge cluster
* Revised gauge cluster with unique graphics and colors
* Custom sill plates

Dale Jr. also specified Chevy Accessories' upgraded audio system for the Camaro, which is matched with a Boston Acoustics speaker system, including amps and subwoofers.

Camaro GS Racecar Concept
One of the most iconic cars of the legendary Trans Am road racing series was the distinctive blue-and-yellow Camaro of Mark Donohue. He was a dominant racer in the series and drove his #6 1969 model to the series championship that year.

With the assistance of GM's High Performance Vehicle Operations, North Carolina-based Riley Technologies re-created the look and feel of that standout racecar with a tribute that looks, sounds and drives like it's ready to do battle with its contemporary pony car competitors. In fact, the heritage-inspired racer is more than concept. It is an early prototype for the Grand Am Koni Challenge GS racing class. Racecars like the GS Concept are offered and manufactured by Riley Technologies for the 2009 Grand-Am season.

The GS Concept features the race-ready suspension, reinforced chassis and drivetrain conform to the specifications required of racecars certified for the series. In fact, this racecar has already logged many hours on the racetrack as Riley team members worked to dial-in the chassis and powertrain.

Additional features include:
* Seam-welded production Camaro body-in-white
* Carbon fiber hood, trunk lid, doors and fenders
* Production LS3 V-8 engine (used with solid engine mounts)
* Tremec 6060 six-speed manual transmission with close-ratio gearing
* Three-inch exhaust system with Coast Fab mufflers
* C&R racing aluminum radiator
* Upgraded engine oil cooler
* Transmission and differential coolers

The GS Racecar Concept is shown at SEMA just as it was last driven off the track, with the grime, brake dust and body imperfections commensurate with a day's worth of racing. Indeed, it isn't a car that spent hundreds of hours in a body shop in a quest of sheet metal perfection. It displays the bruises of competition and wears them as badges of honor.

Like Donohue's '69 Camaro racecar, the GS Racecar Concept wears a deep blue paint scheme that is accented with yellow graphics, a yellow-painted interior and yellow racing wheels.

Camaro Black Concept
It's hard to go unnoticed in a 2010 Camaro, but the Camaro Black Concept suggests a stealthy approach to street style. From its matte black-finished hood and ground effects to its dark wheels and red-glowing HID headlamp halo rings, the Camaro Black Concept is a sinister-looking urban tuner vehicle.

The Camaro Black Concept prowls the streets with the following equipment:

* Chevy Accessories ground effects package and rear diffuser
* High-intensity discharge headlamps with unique red "halo ring" color
* Revised, darker grille finish
* RS tail lamps with dark-tinted lenses
* Color-matched exterior badging
* SS-model spoiler
* Matte black hood finish
* Tinted glass
* Chevy Accessories 21-inch wheels with darkened finish
* Brembo four-wheel disc brake package

The interior also carries a slightly sinister ambience, with:

* Red LED instrument lighting and red footwell ambient lighting
* Black chrome trim accents
* Dark-finished accents, including the shift knob, radio face, steering wheel ring, gauge trim and door handles
* Custom sill plates
* Leather-covered seats with grey accent stitching

The Camaro Black Concept also features Chevy Accessories' premium audio upgrade package, along with MTX speakers.

Under the hood is the production 3.6L V-6 that produces 300 horsepower. A Chevy Accessories engine cover provides a suitable accent.

Photo showing various GM Performance Parts for Camaro

Hurst Short Shifter

Camaro Car Cover

Milk 1027 11-02-2008 11:37 PM


headpunter 11-02-2008 11:38 PM

the ls7 concept and the GS Racecar Concept
look cool id pass on the other two

headpunter 11-02-2008 11:39 PM


Originally Posted by Milk 1027 (Post 179341)

Please dont start, just because GMPP does it doesnt mean that GM is doing it

FenwickHockey65 11-02-2008 11:39 PM

And for those interested, the LS7 Concept Camaro has the Hurst Shifter, and the Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Concept has the accessory grille installed.

Milk 1027 11-02-2008 11:41 PM


Originally Posted by headpunter (Post 179343)
Please dont start, just because GMPP does it doesnt mean that GM is doing it

Oh im not starting anything. Just interesting

fad1 11-02-2008 11:42 PM

THose look really nice. I like the dale jr concept and the LS7. Looking good

nester7929 11-02-2008 11:43 PM

I want the Camaro Black. Badly.

13F20 11-02-2008 11:59 PM

I need a new pair of pants. Holly shit. The LS7 and Black have my vote. I want.

SimC33 11-03-2008 12:02 AM

Those are awesome...just think of how many different things ALLLL the other aftermarket companies are gonna come up excited

shadowed_Stranger 11-03-2008 12:14 AM

God after seeing a bunch of videos on youtube called "tuners not ricers" I saw camaro show car and wanted to throw up, expecting 5 different colored body kits, neon underglow, and a front wheel drive with a 5 foot spoiler.

Thank you for making me feel better. :D

LSxJunkie 11-03-2008 12:27 AM


Originally Posted by FenwickHockey65 (Post 179340)
Original thread from GMInsideNews...
Camaro GS Racecar Concept - an homage to a road racing legend



Originally Posted by LSxJunkie (Post 150395)

How about one of those? Not so much? Okay then.

That makes me happy.

EDIT: Is that the blade spoiler?!?

headpunter 11-03-2008 12:37 AM


Originally Posted by LSxJunkie (Post 179372)

That makes me happy.

EDIT: Is that the blade spoiler?!?

no, that is a riley technology racing car not a preproduction camaro.

rocknrollcali87 11-03-2008 12:42 AM

I like the lowering, its not too low and its perfect..its badass


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