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The Mustang has always been about cheep speed. When price falls, so does quality. Plain and simple. When comparing these cars you have to keep that in mind. Everyone who is upset about the potentially high price of the Camaro has to remember that based on what weve seen this is definitely not going to be a car of poor quality. Fully independent suspension, nearly 300hps worth of a V6, well over 400hps worth of a V8, huge wheels brakes and tires, all the standard safety features, and has anyone checked out the lines on this car? This must be expensive to manufacture. Im not counting on this car to be inexpensive, however check out everything that comes standard. The GT500 doesnt even have independent rear suspension. Even if the GT500 (which I'd like to add is a $43k plus car) is faster than an SS in the quarter mile, you can bet your ass the Camaro will be faster on the track. Need not compair the GT.
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