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What does this mean? Z28 Confirmed Canceled?????

Confirmed: GM says “there will be no Z28 model” Camaro
July24 2008

Earlier this month, several reliable sources told Leftlane the Z28 Camaro program at GM had been cancelled. Despite a backlash from Camaro fan clubs claiming the sources must be wrong, a GM executive on Monday officially confirmed what we already knew. “There will be no Z28 model,” said Chevrolet product manager Cheryl Pilcher in a newly published interview.

“Through the four generations of Camaro, there have been cases where Chevrolet chose to make the Z28 the top dog or the SS the top dog.” she told Automobile Magazine. Consistent with a renewed focus on the SS brand, GM has decided to give the top slot to the SS.

The Z/28 was set to feature the fire-breathing LS8 motor. A 6.2L, small block V8 with a roots-style supercharger that was supposed to be good for 500 to 550 horsepower. With the Z28 put out to pasture, the SS model will now be the top dog. In the Camaro Super Sport’s engine cradle, you’ll find the LS3 V8 rated between 400 and 422 horsepower, depending on transmission options.

Normally this is where we’d speculate on the reason for this move by GM, though, do we even have to say it? With gas prices so high and cost cutting a priority, GM was forced to make this tough decision.

WTF ...

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