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Originally Posted by 570hp-lpe View Post
Speed... I Owe you a personal Thank You!!

I am glad I had the same experience as you, as our car's are practically clones other than color. I was going to skip going to LPE's shop. On the drive home, I was glad I had a chance to experience it! It will be etched in my memory forever, being at the LPE site. I know exactly how you felt, seeing your car the first time. Seeing tne engine! OMG! it is so beautiful! The shop tour! the ride home and Bonding with the new ride! Seeing all the other cars and wonderful people who create these fine machines.

Your thread following your car prior to receiving it made me want to do the LPE upgrade. I am ecstatic at how it all came out at LPE.

It's beautiful, it's fast, it's in an elite class! Thanks LPE! Fantastic work!

I have a new batch of friends here on the camaro5 site that are about to experience the same thing.. We are all closer than you think BOYS AND GIRLS.. these LPE cars are truly amazing! The LPE bond we all share is amazing.. Too bad everyone doesn't have theirs yet to realize just how close we all are.. I think Junkie,Windy, and Speed know, as well I do, NOW. Soon, you will all feel the same way - RS-SS2, Bad 2010, MWS, 24 flames, Bonecrchr, Paul. We are bound together.. and I am sure will relive the day our car came to us, and share in the baptism of our fellow brethren as they recieve theirs.

If you think the car from the factory was worth the wait, you are in for a surprise.. the LPE transformation when complete is undescribeable.. it's like giving heroin to a drug addict. The LPE power, smoothness, looks, OMG! I don't know how to praise perfection!

on the way home, I stopped on the interstate to fill up the red devil (my car's name now). 2 black men were looking at the car - Is that the new Camaro? IT IS! Check it out! I started talking to them.. I told them it was special.. I opened the hood.. Their Jaws hit the ground! One of them ran back to his car to get his phone - He had to have a picture of that engine!
they were "starstruck". The LPE Camaro's have Rock star status. Unbelievable!

I have a little twin "brother" I havn't met - That's you, Speed74ss, as our car's are very similar, other than color.

Again.. thanks speed! if it wasn't for you documenting your wonderful ride, with the sound clips and video's, pic's etc. I don't think I would have done an LPE camaro. I would have "done it myself". It is so worth the money that was spent at LPE for the "total package". No mess, no fuss - no trying to figure out the tune or who to trust for that peice. It is complete from air cleaner to exhaust tip. Therer is nothing I will need to do to enhance the power output.. It's perfect just the way it is.

I can only Imagine the 650 Kit and all that will bring to the table for the "big kids". just wait, boys and girls.. your ride will be with you for a long time.

My Camaro is not getting away from me this time... I will have this one forever.
All I can say is.....AWESOME!!! To get everything done the way you want it with no hassles, no questions, no worries and the best in the business doing the work-----its amazing.

I am glad that I could help you and anyone else make the decision to go to LPE. It is sooooo worth it. I am even more happy that you can finally feel the joy and passion that I get everytime I get into my car. I am sure Windy is getting the same feeling and it's hard to explain with words but it is so good!!

It really is like a rock star when other people see your car. Especially when people see under your hood....I feel like such a whore at this point because alot of people have seen under my hood. It's funny how almost all age groups are interested, from little kids to the old old muscle car enthusiasts - a lot of appreciation for the new muscle on the block.

I would love to get together with the rest of the bretheren sometime. I would drive almost anywhere!!! Keep pumping these babies out and the rest of you waiting to get your cars, I am excited for you also.
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