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Originally Posted by shnomac77 View Post
You guys have been quiet lately.... so whats the word on the special projects?
We have been working on getting the data on the 32mm sway bar that was stuck in customs. We needed to get the 32mm test out of the way to come up with what we were going to do. We have tested a huge amount of bars in order to come up with what we want to do. It is one thing to come up with info on a computer generated program. But not until you put them in and put her thru the paces do you really know.

This is what is going on with us.
1. On Oct 10-11th, we have rented Gingerman, and several corvettes, and a pro driver, to test the Pedders Camaro. Hotrod magazine and 3 others will be there. We will have a plethora of distingushed guests there. Because of the requirements of the magazines, we will not have data to share to all of you until they publish their magazines. But I will tell you we have a bunch of electronic equipment, and hd video equipment to document the crap out of this test. We will have GPS data and G force data, etc.
2. On the technical side, I have completed 25 systems for the Camaro and they should all be up and available this week in our merlin store. I have an outline that explains the systems and once they are all up, will post for the Camaro community a simple outline as to the steps from one system to another. More on this later.

3. the Pedders Camaro will be in Texas the end of this month for our Pedders dealer meeting with a bunch of our Aussie Pedders mates present

4. Our Pedders Camaro will be at SEMA. We are working with Chris Fesler and Jon Moss and will be at their trailer that will be on the outslde and Chris will also be on the inside of Sema. I will be posting a thread on this soon.

5. We were invited to attend a rather prestigous event right after SEMA.
The OPTIMA Batteries Ultimate Streetcar Invitational. This is by invitation only event on top suppliers of vehicles. The Pedders Camaro will be up against some of the best built street vehicles in the USA, with judging from open track, slalom, 0-100-0 braking, and looks. This will be exciting as hell.

6. Pete and I will both be at Sema this year. As I understand it the Australian government, will have a booth at SEMA and I will be representing Pedders at this booth, and Pete wlll be all over SEMA. Not sure yet if we will have some kind of informal Pedders get to gettogether. More on this later.

So this in a nutshell is what is up with Pedders. May not look like much, burt represents a very serious amount of hours from all of us

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