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Originally Posted by dms View Post
This will be our 2nd testing at Gingerman. We already did a stock run when we did the testings with Nickey. I will ask Pete if he will have a stock er. We have access now to lots of Camaros.

Yes we will have an OEM Camaro SS. If you are in the South Haven Michigan area and have a

C6 Bone Stock Vette
C6 ZO6 Bone Stock Vette
Stick 2 SS Bone Stock Camaro

and are interested in observing our runs in exchange for the brief use of your car, please email me at Our test date is this Saturday the 10th. Not only will we be testing cars, we will be doing a photo shoot with gorgeous model for Hot Rod.

Here is what we will do with your car.

Our professional driver Chris Brannon will take your car out on the track. After two or three warm up lap he will run two or three hot laps. They will be run hard, but not beat. Professionals are very smooth and don't beat on hardware -- unless we are doing durability testing or some one drops a green flag. After a few cool down laps Chris will take you out and show you how your car handles in the hands of a professional.

So your compensation is

1. An on track run with Chris Brannon
2. Free lunch with a bunch of car guys
3. Photo with a gorgeous model and your car
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