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Originally Posted by pharmd View Post
Which kit are you guys recommending for a very strong street set up on a car that will only see a road course maybe a 3-4 times a year (85%street/15% track). Yet could easily be upgraded if the car will see more track time.
to properly advise you, I need info on hp, tire sizes and budgets, and driving abilities. Anyone doing suspension and advising you and do not ask these questions of you has not done their own homework. But 15 % track time is a lot! If the budget allows, our Serious Track XA extreme kit will bring smiles to you. Add the support on alignment, setup, and such that we can give you, you will eat S06 vettes.

There is another kit that will be popping up in our merlin store. It is our Xa eXtreme StreetII Plus. I think this is a killer kit. price has not been established yet. But includes Xas, Solution B sway bar kits, Street 1 bushings, and complete alignment bolt kit. This system will rock. The Track Xa kits will not only rock, they will fricken scream!!

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