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Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
The Camaro out of the box is a very good vehicle. For some who see the 5th Gen as a possible super car ther is much more that can be pulled out of a ZETA II chassis. With your optional 21" wheels my first mod would be radius rod bush inserts to reduce the kick back in the steering wheel over sharp bumps. TYou have your choice of two inserts that with minimal effort and funding will make a significant difference.

Next up would be the sub-frame bush inserts to tame the rear end step out experienced under acceleration through turns over bumps. This is caused by movement in the NVH voided OEM sub-frame bushes. A set of EP1200 inserts will make a huge difference.

With just these two foundational bushes installed you will find your Camaro to be far more solid than it already is. It will be more sure footed. you will find yourself more confident behind the wheel everyu time you drive. Be careful with these mods. They are like crack cocaine -- highly addictive. You start out with one small change to a foundational bush and find you have installed a Xa Track eXtreme a few months later.

So for the non genius people such as myself, do you guys make kits like springs/sway bars and bushes(?). My car will be a bolt on auto with a 3600 stall pulling triple duty, street/track/drag. But I dont want to buy coil overs, as Im always budgeting to build the cheapest car possible.
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