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Originally Posted by DocHolliday View Post
Bow Ties look great, but the spears gotta go brother. You're car looks hot without them, the spears are a huge distraction. JMHO though
I'm kinda leaning that way but not sure yet.

Originally Posted by Lucky SOB View Post
I think they look great! They go onto the "flat" (non scoop) part of the hood a little much tho.
I thought the same thing. Still do a little but he assured me that in person it would look great and he was right. Right now I'm just concerned like Doc said, that it takes away from the naturaly pissed look of the black car.

Originally Posted by Jarvis59 View Post
It matches the interior and highlights the hood lines very well!

One question, in your last picture, how much is that hair restoration that it requires a mortgage?
One stop shopping.
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