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If the gov't wants automakers to change the emissions and fuel usage in their vehicles so badly, help foot the bill. The big three are already striving to stay competitive with all the foreign automakers and are doing their best to stay ahead of the game. Screw the big three a little more...make them cut production on veh's we are willing to buy...and next thing you know, some will be saying why the hell not buy foreign. If not dealt with properly and quickly, this could be detrimental to all three. I'm saying the gov't needs to help fund a few projects to KEEP THE HARD EARNED AMERICAN DOLLAR WITHIN THE UNITED STATES. It's called an INVESTMENT, Mr. President.

Yes, I'd love a V8, 450hp Camaro that runs 35mpg's in city traffic. Who the hell wouldn't??? It's feasible, but costs some major bucks to get there. It will be very interesting to see what happens here over the next 3 to 4 years...very interesting.
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