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HP Tuners

I'm assuming you guy's are familiar with HP Tuners and EFI Live ect. With that said I Have a HP Tuners PRO Interface that i used on my Saturn REDLINE when I had it. Now I use it on my wifes Colorado which I'm trying to talk here into letting me turbocharge. Anyway, I will be waiting patiently for the supercharged camaro to become available I also plan on having the car fitted with an aftermarket exhaust and headers and a K&N filter before it leaves the lot. With that said, I'll probably put 1K miles on the car then its off to see my friends at Haddad Motorsports in L.A. for a dyno tuning session. Now all of this is assuming that HP Tuners will support the new camaro which im 99% sure they will. would anyone the San diego area be interested in tuning thier vehicle via HP tuners and or a dyno day?
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