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Originally Posted by Oldrocker View Post
You should start accelerating while releasing the clutch so idle RPM would be irrelevant.
I don't see the need to rev it up though (though I'm starting to see it now). I like to let out of the clutch and feel it start to grab then feather in the throttle. What I'm finding it the clutch catch in such a narrow range on the clutch that it starts to bog a little quicker than my other cars. But when you idle at 500 any bog puts you in stall range. Try to give it throttle too early especially on the hillls and that is when I get he whispy smell of clutch. I guess I'll figure it out. Just a pain in the butt.

I'm finding myself to drive it like all the Mustang guys I made fun of for all these years. Blipping the throttle to wake her up and then rolling into it.
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