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Originally Posted by Jekyll-N-Hyde View Post
Pq first off im sorry for the paint coming off I would so take it back to the dealer and yes let them paint it.
I just recently bought some paint and we got on the topic of how many different colors/shades there are of each color.
Black has 61 paint codes lol
Gm , dodge , Ford , FiatI mean dodge lol Bmw , Toyota and etc.

He explained these companies forinstance like Gm have the paint codes of whatever color they are going to use. They send it to the company that mixes there paints and they mix sometimes up to 6 different colors to make one. This is done by machine so its 100% to the color. Also a Factory paint code on a Factory Car looks like it was done at the factory first time around. I'm sure your dealer or service department has a good painter most Gm painters are good compared to companies like ford. Around here 2 local Ford dealers use Gm's body shop lol
Anyways They will match the paint !!!!!! Just keep in mind Red , ORange and Black are Big time orange peel colors so look for orange peel if you do get it thats an easy fix just have them give it a good wet sand

have no worries it will be ok. PROMISE

If a Machine can Mix DaytonaYellow it will Mix your black lol All I did was go in and say the year and what color and they gave it to me and it matches 100%
Good to know.

Originally Posted by Kalenn View Post
Spoke to a buddy who works at a local Chevy dealership. They order the paint directly from GM so they will use the same color as was used at the factory. "The service guy will get the paint code from the plate." I would assume the plate is his way of saying the door frame sticker or something similar? You should see no difference in color what so ever. If you do then take it back and have them do it again until you're satisfied. I agree with the previous poster that they should re-finish the spoiler as well just to be safe.

He said it's a three day job at the most. One day to remove, clean and prep the deck lid, one day to paint and one day to cure, sand and shine it up.
Cool thanks. I never asked when I took my car by the dealer yesterday.

Originally Posted by NVMY68SS View Post
I have a question. Are you sure this is missing paint? I have a similar spot, not nearly as big, but it's the plastic paper or something that was placed between the two pieces........If yours is paint, I would definitely have the whole decklick might have to do the spoiler as well if it's missing paint once it's removed, but I would paint no more than necessary. I'm having my front bumper finally fixed from a problem pre-delivery and my guy said there's very little paint on these cars.

Good luck either way.
Ya. Possitive. He scraped the spot yesterday when I took it in to have them look at it.

Originally Posted by DocHolliday View Post
Honestly PQ I dont think you have anything to worry about. I would assume after the paint is finished you won't even be able to tell it was ever repainted.

This might be the time for some painted rally stripes if you're interested? Nothing obtrusive, maybe some ghost stripes?
Can't do ghost stripes in black. :( I went last Saturday to get a quote and talk about the possibilities.
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