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Originally Posted by BlackinBlack View Post
Fantastic. So IF I was to purchase a 2nd ECU and tune it and then swap back my "stock" ECU no one would be the wiser? Or if I wanted to go the cheaper route I could flash my ECU and then flash back to stock for service and no one could figure out I did a tune.

EDIT: Thanks for all the info!!
You are correct on both counts. The cheaper and easier way is just to flash back to stock.

Originally Posted by 66DeuceLS1 View Post
Kirk - so you are basically saying that if we save our factory tune before flashing a tune, then GM will not be able to detect any tune work after reflashing the factory tune back to original?

Originally Posted by Milk 1027 View Post
so where is the oil life monitoring system registered? Because I know it needs the milage to function. So where does it get this info, if not from the ECM?
Oil life is partially monitored in the ECM. If you swap ECMís you have to re-program the remaining oil life into the new one if you want this feature to remain accurate. Re-flashing the calibration does not change the oil life feature. It gets the mileage reading from the IPC (instrument panel cluster).

Originally Posted by RickF View Post
On another thread a letter from GM was posted which discusses tuning and warranty, this letter mentioned GM service bulletins 08-06-04-033 and outlines procedures to identify the presence of non-GM aftermarket calibrations.

So, out of curiosity I did a search for the bulletin, unfortunately it didnít provide as much info as I hoped with respect to vehicle mileage, flash counting, etc... The disturbing aspect of this is that it takes the warranty issue out of the individual dealers hands, even the district service managers hands for that matter. Anyway here it is for those interested;
With our calibration the CVN numbers do match. Regardless of that point, they most certainly match whan the stock calibration is installed.
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