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Originally Posted by speedster View Post
Excellent Chris..

What are your thoughts on the strength of the case? Will it hold together with these aftermarket components? Can you give me your target time frame for availability of the outlaw series? Please PM me with any details you have. I am looking for a total rearend solution.

Thank You,
Hey Bruce,
It was good talking to you the other day.

The guys at Nelson Racing Engines called my and we discussed what I'll be building for your car.
1500 RWHP is allot for an IRS but we should be able to build you a set up to hold it.
We'll be using our big 33 spline 300m "Outlaw" axle bars with big 33 spline super duty cv joints.
These axles are right at 1.5" diameter of solid 300m and the cv joints are huge compared to anything on the market.
We'll match this all up with either 33 spline or 35 spline billet 300m inner stubs.
We'll be developing a spool for the diff that will be either a 33 spline or 35 spline depending on how much room we have in there.

I'm really looking forward to building these parts!

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