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Camaro is going to Hennessy Performance for CAI and Peak Performance Tune?

So My SS LS3 M6 Camaro will be going to see the Guys at Hennessy Either next week or the week after for a CAI install and A Peak Performance Tune!

They are going to Dyno Before and After!!!

I plan to Document the Whole event for a write up on my Website,

The tech there said GM tunes these Camaro's done considerably and THis should make it come to life and Add 30-40HP at the Rear Wheel. THey also said if I keep my foot out of it it will get basically the same MPG...

A few Questions:

Has anyone done this with Hennessy and Have their experience Dyno's Power gains they car to share?

What is the Typical Stock Dyno Numbers at the Rear Wheel?

Is this really going to make this seem like a whole new car?

Anything else that is a power adder I should consider while in the shop? Not SuperCharged...etc...or Headers...

This is my Dailly Driver and want to keep the Exhaust close to the Stock Rumble, anything more may get annoying. I was just thinking if there are any other small things that don't kill your gas mileage I might consider!

Thoughts / Stories / Opinions ?
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