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Originally Posted by CamaroSpike23 View Post

but here I thought you guys said that there was no mileage kept in the ECM...

you guys need to talk to each other before you go counter-posting each other

speaking of which, have you verified your tune's "stealth" ability yet? its been a little more than the 7-10 days you originally gave us for the time frame.
You mean talk to myself? I made both posts. I do not consider the oil life system an actual mileage counter since the owner can zero it at any time, heck you could zero it every day if you wanted.

What people wanted to know is if there was a hard mileage log in the ECM, there is not. The point is mute anyway since all of our Camaro tunes have been PowerFlash tunes, except for the Chevy dealers that own our remote shop cables.

As far as the Stealth feature goes, the CVN numbers always match with our calibration installed. Again, the point is mute since all tunes are PowerFlash tunes.

Of all of the Camaro tunes we have sold, not one of our customers have been even slightly confused or cared about this. It only seems like people with no interest in getting a tune keep bringing it up.

That being said, in the well over 1000 remote tunes we have done we have yet to see a single warranty issue. Over 435 of these are G8 tunes (same ECM).
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