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Originally Posted by Frankie View Post
Hello Everyone...Newbie here

Isn't there anyone else here who is totally disgusted at the power specs.

I've been drooling over this car since the first day of the auto show when it debuted and I had to go to see my new car, but this is beyond a huge disappointment.

How is it that 2010 "thoroughly modern, advanced package of performance" is making damn near the same hp as the 2005 GTO.

Yes...when this modern...
Baddest of the bad...
Brembo brakes to rein in the shear, raw power...
Iconic car comes out, it will have close to the same power as a car that outdated it by 5 years.

I keep waiting for the "official" Z28 specs but now it looks like there won' be any. Where the hell is the blown, 550 hp CTS-V engine that was also for the Camaro.

Also, I realize that it's not all about performance. This car is beautiful (except for the revised front turn signals) but the reason this car is so beautiful is the attitude of the design...why the hell don't they back that attitude up. Are we Camaro enthusiasts victims (yet again) of GM not wanting any other car to outperform the Vette. Are the cars we're going to drive being held back by the limitations of another model (Again!).

Please don't get me wrong, I'm not trolling here and I'm not trying to pick a fight...I am just soooo f*****g disillusioned right now.

Welcome to the site.

Do you want a 550hp blown engine, or a Z28?
Z's were track cars with a SMALLER engine and better suspension. SS's had the bigger engine...
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