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Originally Posted by smokn' View Post
wow! awesome! kinda disappointed to hear about the supercharger, but that's just me. i prefer after-market s/c. oh well, good 2 hear about the weight! in a sense, this is a lot more valuable than pics! now the only question is: 3 engines? 4 turbo, 6, 8; 4 turbo, 6, 8 s/c; 6, 8, 8 s/c????? and just cuz they've seen those engines doesn't mean they will all make it to production. just my $.02
Originally Posted by mprhead5 View Post
nice to have assurance on the supercharger. that model will sure to be marked up 10k for a year and low production. even if they make it large production I can't see it stickering for under 38k. seems like you didn't get too many answers out of em but I bet it was kick ass just getting to see em up close. If I recall the gt500 dosn't do all that well when it comes to dyno runs and track handling. so says top gear but clarkson is bias against american cars
Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post
diarmadhi, thank you for that very detailed write up!!! You are to be commended, sir!

Punchy, I can't even begin to thank you enough for putting forth this effort and taking these folks out for the tour. I mean really....that was very kind of you.

I could only imagine the great memories that were made today...vette ride doing 360's and drifting?? Dang! But, getting to see 3 black prepros out there!?! Now...why do ya'll think there was one completely covered up..... I'm guessing V6, V8, V8 for each black prepro. And...someone mentioned supercharger??? huh??? what have I been saying?!?!?! Something that really makes me happy is that Bluetooth... I could use that all the time. Ah....and that's what the thing was on the dash!!! A speaker! Cool deal....sounds like we are going to have some 5.1 surround sound in this bad boy. Did you see a label w/ type of speaker?

Guys, you all are so out there and getting to take part in something as cool as this. And, as much as I'd like to see pix, thanks for being honest and respectful to Punchy. Congratulations, guys. And, it really is that much better in person!
Originally Posted by JustinZS View Post
Great info!

This kinda talk leads me to think that we might be seeing a monster engine in the top end V8. CTS-V engine anyone???
Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
Lucky bast*rds!

one word.. SUPERCHARGER!!

So, something noteworthy....

As I was searching this thread I found many posts referring to the supercharged GT-500 killer.... But, I can't find the quote anywhere. Now, Scott has recently said that they have been working on a Z28, in one of his many "The Z28 isn't dead" posts.

Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
........We do not want to use the Z28 moniker on a car that does not deserve this hallowed name.

We don't talk about future products -- but what makes you think we haven't been doing work on something?????

I can't say more than that......other than:


I can't lie to you guys -- because if I do, I will have zero credibility......and I don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon -- you're stuck with my ugly mug.

My best guess, based on edited posts, is that GM asked for the original quote referring to the supercharged mule be removed shortly after it was posted.

Hopefully this isn't such a corporate secret anymore in light of Scott's quoted post above.

Oh yeah, here's one more relevant post from the proving grounds tour thread.
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