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Yeah, Unique Performance got caught washing VINs, basically selling restored GTs as original GT500s, real boner move, i never liked Foose and this is a BIG mark on his record in my oppinion.

As for the links up top, its about the same all around, cant really find these new 69 turn keys for less than $100k or so, there's also the "Hellcat" Camaro which is basically the same thing but for around $160k, its really bogus, i want to be able to buy a brand new 69 Camaro (not a super car by any means, just a brand new 69 Camaro or maybe even a 2010 Camaro with 69' skin in and out) for around the price of a new car, maybe $60k tops.

If that cant be done then my plan would be to buy a 2002 Camaro or Trans Am in good condition for cheap, buy a Dynacorn 69' Camaro, buy all the interior parts, and take everything out of the 02' Camaro and put it on the 69' frame, then do the interior and its basically a done and done car, just gotta fill in the blanks with paint and emblems and chrome, etc...all for maybe $40k? Call it $50k and have a shop do it, lol, c'mon guys this isnt a hard concept! Not every Dynacorn Camaro has to be a super-badass kill machine, lol, and with this technique and price a shop could make suuuch a killing, everyone would want one....but me first
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