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Originally Posted by Harville3 View Post
i would have had a really hard time picking a color if ABM hadn't been available.
Me, too. It was pretty much the only color left that worked. This was how I thought about it:

BLK - Don't want a black car. Too much work to keep clean, in my opinion.
CGM - Nice, but pretty much just grey. I want color this time around.
IBM - Too dark, looks black from a distance. Probably harder to keep clean.
IOM - Nice, but my wife HATES orange on anything.
SIM - Nice, but silver is one of those colors that's kind of plain regardless of how nice it is.
SW - Don't like white cars, even though it's not too bad on the Camaro.
RJT - My second choice. Didn't really want to pay for the premium color and wasn't sure it would come off right in varying lights.
RY - I was never interested in the yellow and it's actually my least favorite color on the Camaro.
VR - I don't want a red car and a gloss red has become plain to me.

ABM - Most dynamic color and I like every shade I've seen. Not too bright, not too dark.


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