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Originally Posted by VenomZ302 View Post
Me, too. It was pretty much the only color left that worked. This was how I thought about it:

BLK - Don't want a black car. Too much work to keep clean, in my opinion.
CGM - Nice, but pretty much just grey. I want color this time around.
IBM - Too dark, looks black from a distance. Probably harder to keep clean.
IOM - Nice, but my wife HATES orange on anything.
SIM - Nice, but silver is one of those colors that's kind of plain regardless of how nice it is.
SW - Don't like white cars, even though it's not too bad on the Camaro.
RJT - My second choice. Didn't really want to pay for the premium color and wasn't sure it would come off right in varying lights.
RY - I was never interested in the yellow and it's actually my least favorite color on the Camaro.
VR - I don't want a red car and a gloss red has become plain to me.

ABM - Most dynamic color and I like every shade I've seen. Not too bright, not too dark.

yeh this color is awesome...they should at least keep it around for the next two years...then cut least let me order the convertible in this color ...please gm if your reading this....

i know if you have one you want them to discontinue it...but i was really leaning towards this color once i saw one in just looked so nice in that sun

what if i order the vert not scheduled to come out till 2011 or can i just pre order that one??
I think i flip flopped on the ss looks good really does
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