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Dealer Disappointment

The dealer I visited last week who put me on their waiting list and then said I could move up on the list if I paid a deposit, now cannot tell me what amount I need to deposit, and, that there will be a mark up on all camaro's they sell. Whats up with that? You cannot tell me how much you want for a deposit, but, you already have 5 or 6 in front of me. How can they NOT know what deposit they are requiring? Seems to me they are getting so much interest they are deciding to up the deposit and have decided they can mark up the price as well. I bet they are going back to the first 5-6 and telling them if they don't put up more deposit they are going to move them down. Once they see how much people are willing to pay to keep their place they will inform me what they want from me. They just lost a customer for life!

So I go to another mid-size to large chevy dealer and inquire as to the same thing, waiting list/deposit/markup. Their story is exactly the same, and I mean EXACTLY the same. I know GM cannot control the dealers, but, they are the ones that are in front of the customer and make the impression that determines who does and does not buy a vehicle.

I have not had that many posts on here, but, I have been reading everything that gets posted. Ok, so I miss a few. I have been as excited about this car as anyone on this forum. As much as most of you. Well, as much as alot of you.

My point to all this is, all those who worked tirelessly on this car, who sweat blood, who have an emotional and physical bond to this car are going to see all that dedication and effort go down the drain because of some of the dealers who will be responsible for selling it. I said SOME, not all Scotty! As for me, I won't be buying one in Houston. I have gone from the excitement of being on the top of the list to going out and buying something else this weekend and waiting a couple years. Unfortunately, that is the only recourse I have because there will be someone else right behind me that will take my place and take the BS. I love the camaro and still think it is the best looking car on the planet. I am, however, a believer in principle. I would never treat my customer that way and will not tolerate being treated that way.

Great car GM! Way to go to all of you who were on the team, but, because of whats happening downstream from you I wont be buying one now. I will end up with one, but, much later then I had my heart set on.
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