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Originally Posted by Vega View Post
If that cant be done then my plan would be to buy a 2002 Camaro or Trans Am in good condition for cheap, buy a Dynacorn 69' Camaro, buy all the interior parts, and take everything out of the 02' Camaro and put it on the 69' frame, then do the interior and its basically a done and done car, just gotta fill in the blanks with paint and emblems and chrome, etc...all for maybe $40k? Call it $50k and have a shop do it, lol, c'mon guys this isnt a hard concept! Not every Dynacorn Camaro has to be a super-badass kill machine, lol, and with this technique and price a shop could make suuuch a killing, everyone would want one....but me first
Yeah, so what you are talking about is a pro-touring car. Lots of guys do this already. 1969 Camaros with modern technology/interior and running A/C. Dependability in driving and AMAZING handling on the auto-x course!! All with little to no breakdowns!
Pro-touring = FTW!!
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