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Originally Posted by Speedy1975 View Post
MSRP Markup and deposits on cars that you can't yet order are very fine lines. GM is struggling financially right now. The Camaro could really help that situation.

The "over MSRP Markup" goes straight to the dealer's profits. GM gets ZERO of that. If too many dealers do this and it hurts sales, that'll be bad for GM as a whole. GM will probably wait to see how sales go before doing anything, and at that point it could very well be too late. Big companies are like big ships and it takes a long time to make them change direction.

The bigger problem is that there are fools out there that will pay more than MSRP for something just to have it first. That's the REAL issue. If no one would pay it, the markup would disappear quick.

There was a Mugen Civic Si at a local Honda dealer. It had a $5000 markup on it. It sat, and sat, and sat. It totally cracked me up because it was nearly as expensive as a C6 Vette at $39K for a CIVIC!

Needless to say, after about a month, the markup was removed, and the last time I was in there it had a $1000 discount on it.
This would all be simpler if for the first batch, they take orders over the phone and simply ship them to your house directly. I bet they'd sell a lot more that way considering the price would be a lot lower.
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