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I was sitting in my grandmothers house, and father pulls in a 1974 Monte Carlo, white with a red top, red pin stripes down the classic Rolls Royce style fenders, and a beautiful red interior. (By red its actually a blood red-or maroon). At that point it had a 400 2bbl and a 2:73. The Turbo 350 always slipped, but I was only 13, and fell in love. It was my 2nd car-first car Ive ever drove around in. Ive torn it apart two or three times now-its now a 4bbl with around 400 horse and a 373, no more red top and grey primer. A buddy borrowed a set of my American Racing wheels and never got them as he sold it with his 74 Monte But to this day-shes my pride in joy. My first project car-one of two I have not completed. Had it for 6 years and about 16 cars in between. If it wasnt for that car-I would have never been a car guy. I remember going to the store and getting the model car. Getting video games,books, magazines-nothing with a 1974 Monte Carlo-so I kept searching, searching, learning about other cars, looking for more articles on them and everything I could. Its now known around town as the BEAST! The factory duals have long since rotted through, and with the High Performance cam-she does more then rumble-it makes Anubis cry. One personal actually reffered to as Pandora once. "Its like,Pandoras Box-you open her up and all hell breaks loose!" Well said. Thanks for readin!

Love it or hate it, my car can transform and kick your cars @$$!
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