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I took care of everything, have my deposit in - contract states it is refundable and I also had them put in that it will be MSRP or below - which my dealer does not believe in price gouging but my sales rep said he understands why I am concerned after the Mustangs. So it is refundable, it will be at MSRP or below, and it will be exactly the way I want

PS - they don't know the actual price so I could not get a set price - just a confirmation that it will be MSRP or below and not more. He said he also believed my GMS discount was applicable too but could not give me a definite as Chevy may say no-go to the GMS for a short while when they are first released. Either way, I am willing to pay up to $40k on a fully loaded SS so the price doesn't concern me at this point
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