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My first car is a 69 Chevelle SS convertible 4spd. When my parents bought it they drove me and my brother to grade school in it. It was our family car for a few years. A more practical car came along and it was put behind the barn. I turn 16 and we drag it out to get it running.

It was the mid 80's and those cars weren't collectors' items then. I drove the wheels off of that car. I drag raced, cruised, slid it sideways a few times and generally abused that car. I learned to be a gearhead on that car. I put many clutches in that car and learned to stab the tranny with one hand and start the bolts with the other. I was stronger then.

I remember my friends and others making fun of me for driving that car. They would ask me, "Do your parents make you drive that car?" It was about 3 different colors of orange and 2 colors of primer. The rust holes in the rear quarters were the topper to the general bad appearance.

The funny thing is how time changes perspective and attitudes. I went to my high school reunion and the first thing most people asked me was if I still had that car. It's funny they remembered that car and how the fact that it is now worth a bucket load of money now changes their thoughts about it.

I had one guy try to buy my car from me at a car show. He got out his check book and told me to name my price. I told him it wasn't for sale and he said everything had a price. I told him he didn't understand about me and that car and it wasn't for sale at any price. He walked away disgusted and in disbelief. I guess he never met a real car guy before. LOL

BTW, I do still have that car 25 years later. I am in the process of doing a complete frame off restoration on it. She deserves it.

I have other good Chevy stories but that one is by far the one that means the most to me.
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