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Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
We normally run Pedders events in conjunction with our Dealers. your event is very cool. I think you already have a sponsor for the AC in MTI, don't you? That aside, our Pedderfest will be worth the drive. The Goatfest usually draws over 100 late model GTOs. They comes because it is such a great destination and the GTO people are great. We think this will be the same, but bigger over time because of our range of performance vehicles.
Originally Posted by Speed74SS View Post
Its good to get other sponsors as well. LPE & Hennessey will both be there. You guys have done alot for the Camaro community and have great products!! It would be cool to see the Pedder's Camaro there
Even if some of the gang came out as c5 members, not sponsors, that would be great! It's a c5 family thing, and you're a member of the family whether you like it or not
Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
Hennessey is one of our best builders. Their cars make great power and run on Pedders bits! Have Nickey or Fessler Moss comitted to the event?
MTI, Hennessey, and Lingenfelter that I know of, member '1320 junkie' is the go to guy...

Pete, I'm sorry buddy, I feel like I'm hi-jacking here... On the off-chance I get toward Austin tho, I'm there! I hear you guys put on a good partay

... and those Aussies... gotta love em!
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