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Originally Posted by brantley847 View Post
Yeaaaa, maybe you will all be paying 40k. Make sure that is refundable.

40k for a loaded SS is out of the question, I could understand it for a supercharged maybe Z28, but besides that you are walking in vette territory..
MAYBE if you go hog wild at the GMPP acessory store, and I mean WILD, will you be able to go over $40k. Otherwise I am with Brantley847, you will likely be able to get a new 2008 Vette (stripped, admittedly, but how bad can a stripper Vette be?) for a few bucks more than $40k.

There was a dealer a while back on one of the Vette boards in CA who had like 30-40 on the lot and was selling them for GM Employee price plus $400. That essentially what GM pays to the dealer for selling a car at employee pricing. You wouldn't have as many bells and whistles, but you would have a few more or the same HP in a car that is much lighter, but I do not doubt that some folks will end up spending more on their Camaros. Not a problem either way, do what makes you happy, but just look at the big picture when the time comes and make the best decision for YOU....
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