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Originally Posted by tones2SS View Post
Yeah, so what you are talking about is a pro-touring car. Lots of guys do this already. 1969 Camaros with modern technology/interior and running A/C. Dependability in driving and AMAZING handling on the auto-x course!! All with little to no breakdowns!
Pro-touring = FTW!!
Somewhat yes, i would call it a resto-mod if there was restoration in the process haha, but since there isnt then idk what to call it...the whole idea i had with it was to create a great 69' Camaro with like-new modern day parts for an extremely cheap price, i wasnt wanting to add tons of performance enhancers like most pro tourers cause the point was to keep costs at a minimum, but of course they would have all of the mechanical characteristics of the 4th gen used

Wait wait, i guess what im trying to say here is i want a company to offer a turn-key 69' Camaro for the REAL consumer, not something exclusive to the super-rich ya know? I want to be able to drop $40k and get a 69' Camaro, no matter what the parts and stuff (be it pro-tourer or bone stock) we, the real people, need our Camaro back =)
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