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Originally Posted by Moose View Post

When you try the wheel cleaner, make sure and use one of the better brands, ie'; Mothers or Meguires. Also, don't use any brushes on the wheels. If you allow the cleaner to sit and soak for a few minutes, it should remove any dirt, etc. that simple washing did not.

As for the Zaino, it sounds like the temps. in your area are pretty low, and as a consequence, the polish will take alot longer to dry. If you can just get the wheels clean, and are planning on garaging the car for the winter, theres no harm in waiting until Spring to add polish. Another option s to purchase a wheel polish, ie; Mothers, and use that for the time being. Come Spring, you can alwyas remove the polish, and add Zaino.

Good luck. Please let me know how you make out.


I know you are the Zaino Afficianodo around here, but I would never apply any of the commercial wheel polishes or chemical cleaners to a clearcoated wheel. They are for metal surfaces, not coated. This is asking for a wheel to get etched if left sitting too long.


I've been using Zymol, NOT Zaino to clean and polish my wheels as well as paint. The good thing about Zymol is that it will give a slightly darker appearance to whatever surface it's applied to as it replaces the oils in the finish. It's great for the wheels as well and it's available everywhere and there's no mixing and multiple coats required to achieve better results.

Also, as for cleaning the wheels, I'd also try clay-barring them. My car was in QC for 35 days and it was nasty when it arrived. I clay-barred the whole car, including the glass, and wheels. It made a big difference when applying my Zymol.

Good luck with whatever you do, but I'd read that label and make sure it says safe for clear coated surfaces.
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