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**New CenterLock wheels from ForgeLine and LG Motorsports**

Hi guys,

Tired of blending into the crowd, and a custom set of ForgeLine wheels just isn't enough?

Check out the new Center Lock option!

This feature can be added to ANY Forgeline wheel, Premier, Street, or Competition series at this time.

The package will come with the required adapter, nuts, drive pins, and socket. You have your choice of either a hex nut (with socket), or the more classical three sided 'knock off' for those doing a more historical setup. Nuts can be had in a number of colors to match or complement your wheel color as well. Just like the race car versions these are also side dependent as well (left side is right hand thread, right side is left hand thread).

This is a new feature however it is in production now so we are ready to go on almost every make and model!

Call for details on this or any Forgeline wheel!
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