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Originally Posted by garagelogic View Post
Keep dreaming. The fact of the matter is there are more people willing and able to buy a Camaro at MRSP or more the minute they become available. In today's "I gotta have it and I gotta have it now" society, it would be a downright miracle if you could get more than a few hundred people to hold out on buying a Camaro.

It happened with the Mustang GT when the S197 platform became available, it happened with the Z06 Corvette, the Challenger, the GT500, the GTR, etc. Somehow I get the feeling that most of the people who are complaining the most about what it is going to take to get into one of these cars when they are first released probably would be getting in over their head financially even if they were able to get it for under MSRP.
I hate to say it but he's mostly right. Of course there will be some dealerships that don't do markups just as a customer good will offer, but for any other dealership, they'll find no shortage of people who have to be satisfied RIGHT NOW and will pay any price for that. Its people like that, who have more desire than financial sense, that are the reason we're in this economic funk today. Sigh.
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