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12.742 @108.77mph

After well over fifty 1/8 passes at the local track (Northstar - Sanger, TX) I decided to spend a Friday night at the nearest 1/4 track (Dallas Raceway, Crandall, TX) and see what my Baby would run. Boy did she run, and her best run is detailed below. Looks like I made the Top Ten on the "Bolt-Ons without Internal Engine Modification" list! Woohoo!

Car/Engine: 2SS/RS w/L99
Tires used on the pass: Stock Pirelli ZR20 Summer Tires
Performance Mods (if any): ADM Performance CAI (race version), ADM Performance 160 Thermostat, American Racing 1 7/8" Long Tube Headers, MagnaFlow Catback Exhaust with X-Pipe muffler, ADM Performance High Output Dyno Tune
Category submitted for: Bolt-Ons without Internal Engine Modification
60'............. 1.996
330'........... 5.455
660'........... 8.292
660’ mph... 87.40
1000'.......... 10.707
1320'.......... 12.742
1320’ mph…. 108.77
Name of the track: Dallas Raceway
Date of pass: 10/16/2009
Weather conditions: (include Density Altitude, if known): 59 Degrees, 72% Humidity, Density Altitude: 424 feet, Relative Density: 98.77 %

NOTE: Although you may know me as Number_9, I am number 111 (right lane) on the time slip below (also, it was test/tune night so I was racing the clock and not the guy in the left lane.)


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