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Times are tough for U.S. carmakers. Times are very tough for the dealerships trying to sell those cars, too. One way dealerships can make up a little for slow sales is to sell cars above MSRP when demand exceeds supply. This usually only happens when new (or newly redesigned) specialty models are released. How long demand exceeds supply depends on how much the manufacturer limits production. Cars with artificially limited production (such as the Shelby GT500, Nissan Skyline GT-R, 2008 Challenger SRT8) can continue to command "market pricing" of more than MSRP for up to a year or more. Cars without limited production status (like the '05 Mustang GT, Pontiac Solstice, Ford Thunderbird, Toyota Prius) can only do so until production output catches up with demand.

The 2010 Camaro will not be a limited production vehicle. But many dealers will sell for over MSRP until supply catches up with demand. Camaro V6 production is intended to outnumber Camaro V8 production (just like it has year after year with the Ford Mustang). V6 Camaro production should catch up with demand fairly quickly. Most V6 buyers are not Camaro fanatics and would buy a different vehicle rather than pay anything over MSRP. But most of the people posting on this site want the SS V8 Camaro, which is more likely to command more than sticker. Allocations to each dealer for SS Camaros will be few and far between for the first few months at least. Many dealers eager to secure sales will take "orders" knowing that it may be months before they get enough allocations to even place the V8 Camaros on order with Chevrolet. This happened to buyers of the '05 Mustang GT. If 90% of the advance orders placed with dealers are for SS model Camaros, GM will not halt V6 production in order to immediately build lots of V8 Camaros.
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