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Thanks for pointing out the west on Derry Rd. I really need to get my compass fixed.

On Google Maps, are you saying the portion of Hwy 10 that is labelled Prince of Wales? I'll check it out.

NO GRAVEL. I'm trying to avoid the gravel stuff. I found out about River Road on a motorcycle forum as they cruise thru there quite often. I had a look on a map and it doesn't look like gravel, but I said that about McLaren Road and the Gorge Sideroad and I've omitted them now. I'll know today for sure as I do the route. I'd be surprised if them MC's cruise on gravel sideroads.

We're going to have about 18 Vettes, my Durango, a Porsche and I think about 2 Camaro's so far (maybe 3???), if everyone that said they would show, actually show up. There's always some last minute issues that keep people from coming out unfortunately.

1 more sleep!

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