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Well I went out today and did a dry run. I've had to cut River Road off the route. There are parts of that part of the route that are gravel.

First off, OMG the lines on a map make everything seem so close together. I was not expecting the distance I travelled for the trip.

2. You cannot tell the difference between some dirt/gravel roads and paved road on a map. I've had to cut a portion of the route due to some of the roads being gravel.

3. Forks of the Credit sucks. Period. Too many people walking about. Get stuck behind a vehicle travelling 20kph below the posted (40kph-50kph) speed limit. And the incredible amount of cops. The street itself is nice.

4. Some streets are not labelled the same on the map as they are on the street. ie: Hockley Road is plainly marked on Airport Road if you are driving south. But if you are driving north on Airport Road, you have to look for Durham Rd 7. (This is not the only example.)

5. I wasn't expecting to have to pop my ears. CR21 drops quite a few feet in a short distance.

6. I can't believe the amount of gravel/dirt roads that are so much fun to drive.

So see everyone tomorrow between 9 and 10. We will be stopping in Orangeville at Angels Diner and then again at Hockley Valley.

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